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Emmeryn is dead. After realizing a new resolve, Chrom along with his friends and allies, confront the Mad King of Plegia to stop his reign of injustice and insanity. Not only to save the people of Ylisse, but the people of Plegia as well. The Mad King's army is in chaos as mutiny continues to spread amongst his ranks giving Chrom and his forces a chance to end him once and for all.”
—Opening Narration

Mad King Gangrel is Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Awakening. There are two chests within the chapter. This chapter takes place in Border Wastes.

At the end of this chapter, Chrom will marry the female character with the highest support with him: the five candidates are the Female Robin, Sumia, Sully, Maribelle or Olivia. If he doesn't have love points with any of them, his wife will be a nameless young woman only known as the "Village Maiden"





The script for this chapter can be found here.


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The south-eastern section of this map has many magic users. Consider sending units with high resistance to counter them. Some of the mages wield wind magic which fliers are vulnerable to. Gangrel wields a Levin Sword which uses magic to attack (when at 2 range), so these units will also be useful for fighting Gangrel.

Enemy reinforcements appear on the forts during the chapter. They arrive on turns 3 to 8. See below for more specific information. Reinforcements can arrive and move on the same turn; so be aware of who you leave in range of the forts.

There are two chests on this map, with a Bullion (L) in the western and a Goddess Icon in the eastern chest. The Thief on this map will always go after the chest on the west containing the Bullion (L). If the Thief obtains the Bullion (L), they will try to escape through the south east side of the map, giving the player enough time to chase after them. If the player manages to get to the chest before the Thief does, the Thief will simply leave the map by running to the south east. The thief will always ignore the eastern chest containing the Goddess Icon, so the player will have to bring someone with locktouch if they want to get both items.

You will not provoke Gangrel unless you enter the attack range of the 6 units to the left and right of him just north of the forts. It is very unlikely that this will be as easy as killing a Wyvern Rider that doesn't have a Hand Axe from range with a Mage that wields powerful Wind Magic when there are no other enemy units nearby, but it is more reliable and easier than having Gaius get to the chests before the Thief does and not die.

This chapter also introduces one of the most unique characters in the game, Olivia. Olivia is the only Dancer in the entirety of Awakening and she joins at the very beginning of the map. She is a very useful unit to have in the army because she has the ability to Dance, allowing a unit that has used up their turn to move again for free. The tradeoff is that Olivia is an extremely fragile unit as a level 1 Dancer, especially by this chapter where promoted units begin to appear. Though Olivia can attack and counterattack with the sword she’s given, her stats mean she won’t be doing any significant damage, especially on harder difficulties. Like Cleric and Priest units, it is wise to keep Olivia out of battle in this chapter as much as possible, but still able to dance for her allies to help her gain experience.

Pairing Chrom with Olivia

In this chapter, Chrom's 5th and final potential wife, Olivia, is introduced. However, given her late entrance, Chrom will need to fulfill certain requirements in order for the two to get married at the end of the chapter.

- First: Chrom must not have achieved a C-Support with any of his other potential wives. If Chrom has a C-Support with any of the other 4, the player will have to make them marry someone else, otherwise their Support with Chrom will take priority over Olivia's. If Chrom has not built any supports with any of the 4 women yet, prevent Chrom from being near any of his potential wives until you reach this chapter or never start his C- Support with the other four should they be ready to start one.

- Second: Chrom still needs to build relationship points with Olivia in this chapter, needing to earn 18 points by the end. As long as Chrom is in a Pair Up with her and engages in a battle with her, the two will get 6 support points for each battle the two participate in together. After 3 battles, they will have enough to marry at the end of the chapter. Alternatively, Olivia can dance for Chrom: it will require at least 9 dances to equate to the earlier method, but if Chrom is under-leveled or hasn't been favored by the RNG, it'll be a safer option.


Hard Mode

All enemies spawn at the beginning of the enemy turn.

Lunatic Mode

All enemies spawn at the beginning of the enemy turn.