Maera is a character who appears in the background story of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He was the younger brother of Emperor Galle the Seventeenth, and was secretly hailed as a savior to the oppressed citizens of the Loptrian Empire. Maera, despite being a descendant of Galle I, was a good person who stood against the brutal practices of the Loptrian Empire and protected the citizens from their cruel practices.

Maera and his priestly followers attempted to stop discrimination by uniting Loptous with the old gods of the old Kingdom of Gran, placing Loptous amongst the higher gods of the fallen Kingdom's religious canon. This ultimately resulted in a major rebellion staged against the Loptyrian Empire, with all the involved rebels eventually being defeated and exiled.

Maera's followers continued to aid the citizens of the Loptrian Empire, trying their best to protect them from harm. The future Crusader Bragi and others were later saved from perpetual sacrifices and murders and subsequently raised by Maera's followers. After Loptous and the Empire were eventually defeated by the Twelve Crusaders following the Miracle of Darna, Bragi erected the Bragi Tower to mourn and honor Maera and his followers, who died to protect the people.

Maera is essentially the link to Loptous holy blood from the past, which continued to be passed on, largely in secret, to his future descendants, causing a majority of them to seek refuge and seclusion in the Spirit Forest for fear of persecution and reprisal.

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