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The Magic Seal (マジックシール Majikku shīru) is an enemy-only class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. The personal class of Kishuna, the first Morph that Nergal has given emotion, the Magic Seal class, like its name suggests, acts as a magic sealer, preventing magic users located within a ten-space radius from employing magic for both combat and support purposes.



Magic Seals are unable to engage in combat and carry no items, serving the singular purpose of blocking all use of magic within a ten-space radius. This includes all magic spells cast by Tomes and all effects of Staves. However, if a unit is within the ten-space radius, they can still be attacked with magic as long as the attacker is located outside the range of the Magic Seal. Magic Swords will also work within the range of a Magic Seal.

It is difficult to determine the average stats of a Magic Seal as there is only one example to judge from. Kishuna's stats have a value of 0 in every department he does not use, including Strength, Skill and Resistance. The Magic Seal class does, however, boast high HP and Speed, allowing it to survive for longer periods of time during the course of battle.


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While the Magic Seal class does possess a battle model that is complete with a dodge animation, this only appears in the class roll. Despite this, the Magic Seal class displays no animations when engaged in combat.

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