“...Now, let's climb up to stardom together.”

Maiko Shimazaki is a support character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Profile Edit

Maiko is a former model and the founder/president of Fortuna Entertainment. As its head, she leads its efforts in recruiting and employing creative talents, but her true purpose in running the company is recruiting those with the potential to become Mirage Masters. Although she is not a Mirage Master herself, she can assist the party with Backup Skills. Her birthday is February 15.

In Chapter 2, Maiko is kidnapped by a corrupted Nobu Horinozawa and must be rescued by Itsuki and the others. Maiko and Nobu were once partners in their work, with much of Maiko's most popular modeling captured by Nobu's camerawork. Together, they collaborated on a series of photo books entitled "My Complex." The series was intended to be a trilogy, but only the first two volumes were completed before Maiko gave up modeling to found Fortuna Entertainment and fight back against Mirages. The first volume of My Complex provides inspiration to Tsubasa, who through studying Maiko's poses, attitude and composure, is able to understand what Nobu wants in his models. By taking advantage of this, the party is able to reignite Nobu's passions and allows him to drive Gangrel from his body.

After her rescue, Maiko continues to run Fortuna Entertainment while serving as a mother figure to the Mirage Masters under her employ. She regularly meets with other members of the entertainment industry in order to secure jobs for the talent her company represents, and also holds secret meetings with law enforcement to ensure that the Mirage Masters are able to perform their duties unimpeded. Later in the game, she dreams up various collaborations for the Mirage Masters that take the form of Duo Arts.

Personality Edit

Maiko, a former model (gravure idol in the Japanese version), takes a motherly, protective attitude toward the Mirage Masters she recruits. She is a quick thinker and highly observant. Maiko is also a fan of alcohol; she often spends late hours drinking with other members of the entertainment industry, and as a result often suffers from hangovers. She also has a playful, teasing side, and jokingly flirts with Itsuki at points hoping to catch him off guard, though she does this for her own amusement and doesn't have any serious romantic intent.

In GameEdit

Backup SkillsEdit

Name Description Unlocking Requirements
Drinking Connections Increases the money earned from selling items. Maiko Side Story 1: Booze and the Boss
Organizational Skills Increases the maximum quantity of consumaable items that can be held, and increases the the number of items. Maiko Side Story 2: Lost Memories
My First Wallet Decreases cost of buying items from stores. Maiko Side Story 3: Godmother

Ending Edit

Maiko Shimazaki - Tipsy President
After helping young talents succeed in show business, she gained a reputation for her knack for seeing the true potential in entertainers. Fortuna expanded, and although she is busy managing it, she holds yearly auditions, and is always excited to see new talent.
Maiko Shimazaki - The Legend's Return
After stepping down, Maiko made a quick comeback in to the modeling industry. Soon enough, the third volume of "My Complex" was published. The media dubbed her "Everyone's Big Sister," and she made many appearances in magazines, TV, radio, and countless other platforms.

Etymology Edit

The characters in her given name "Maiko" mean "dance child."


  • Maiko has a blood type of AB, stands at 168 cm (5 feet, 5 inches), weighs at 56 kgs (123 lbs), and her three sizes are 94B-60W-86H.
    • Her age is listed as "Do you really want to know?" A trait she shares with Manuela from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, whose age in her profile is listed as Secret.
  • During development, consideration was given to making Maiko a playable character with a Dancer-class Mirage partner.
    • In Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore this idea is re-taken, as Maiko is seen dressed as a Dancer using Swords as her weapons, in the trailer.


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