“...Now, let's climb up to stardom together.”

Maiko Shimazaki (志摩崎 舞子) is a player-character in Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE. Her voice actress is Ami Koshimizu.


Maiko is the head of the agency Fortuna Entertainment. As its head, she leads its efforts in recruiting and employing creative talents, but her true purpose in running the company is recruiting those with the potential to become Mirage Masters. Though she is a playable character, the identity of her Mirage partner has yet to be revealed, if she indeed has one. Her birthday is February 15th, has a blood type of AB, stands at 168cm (5 feet, 5 inches), weighs at 56 kgs (123 lbs), and her three sizes are 94B-60W-86H.

During the game Maiko is kidnapped by a corrupted Nobu Horinozawa and must be rescued by Itsuki and the others.


Maiko, a former gravure idol, takes a motherly, protective attitude toward the Mirage Masters she recruits. She is a quick thinker and highly observant. Maiko is also a fan of alcohol.


The characters in her given name "Maiko" mean "dance child."



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