“Nohrian. A tamer of evil dragons. Crushes foes with axes and tomes.”
—In-game description from Fates.

The Malig Knight is an undead Wyvern-mounted combat physical and magical class that is first introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. One of the promoted forms of the Wyvern Rider class, In Fates Malig Knights wield Tomes and Axes as their weapons of choice.

The class appears again in Fire Emblem Warriors, where it is the base class of Camilla. In that game, the class cannot use Tomes.


Malig Knights play much like Dark Fliers of the previous Fire Emblem title, as the both ride black aerial mounts and possess physical and magical weapons. The only difference is that Malig Knights are physically stronger than the Dark Flier. Dark Fliers are still stronger in terms of magic, speed, luck and resistance.

In addition, Malig Knights are slightly weaker then their other promoted counterpart, the Wyvern Lord. However, Malig Knights do have access to magic, which can help when dealing with physically defensive units, compared to the Wyvern Lord who is typically a physical weapon user.

The two skills that Malig Knights can learn are Savage Blow and Trample.

Savage Blow chips off 20% of all nearby enemies max health as damage to those two tiles away from the user. While it may not seem much, it helps weaken a larger group of units compared to Poison Strike and Grisly Wound, both of which only deal damage to the target the user attacks.

Trample allows the Malig Knight to deal 5 extra damage regardless of what they are using if they fight a non-mounted unit. It is considerably more effective against Hoshidan than Nohrian units, as most Nohrian units are typically mounted which prevents Trample from taking effect. On the other side, many Hoshidan units are footsoldiers, which results in them taking the extra damage from Trample.

At the end of the day, no matter how fortified a unit is in either Defense of Resistance, and no matter how far away they hide, Malig Knights can hunt them down and kill them quickly and efficiently, especially if they are fighting on only their own two feet.


Base StatsEdit

FE141876650868--FE14 Axe E FE14 Tome E

Maximum StatsEdit

FE1455313028272531318--FE14 Axe A FE14 Tome B

Growth RatesEdit


Class SkillsEdit

FE14Deadly BreathSavage Blow
Learnt at Level 5 and above.
Learnt at Level 15 and above.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE14FE14 Generic Wyvern Rider Map SpriteWyvern RiderUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Wyvern Rider.FE14 Generic Malig Knight Map SpriteMalig Knight
FEWWarriors Camilla Sprite
Malig Knight
Use a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on Camilla.Warriors Camilla Sprite
Malig Master

Notable Malig KnightsEdit


  • Camilla - The eldest Princess of Nohr who dotes on Corrin.
  • Nichol - A grim Nohrian knight with a surprising will to live. (encountered as a boss; must be captured).
  • Possible promotion for: Beruka and Percy.


The name "Malig Knight" may be a play on the word 'malignant', which means malevolent or infectious.


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