“I want power that can protect everyone!”

Mamori Minamoto (源 まもり) is a player-character in Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE. Her Japanese voice actress is Kaori Fukuhara.


Mamori is an elementary-school age girl and entertainer that works at Fortuna Entertainment. She is also a Mirage Master, and her Mirage partner is Draug. She is currently the star of a children's television program called Microwave Idol Mamorin. Her birthday is August 11th, has a blood of O, stands at 147 cm (4 feet, 2 inches), weighes at 39 kgs (86 lbs), and her three sizes are 69B-53W-81H.


Contrary to her youth, Mamori is fond of old-fashioned, traditional dress and ballads, particularly of the Showa Period. She is also a proper and polite young lady.


Mamori's given name comes from the Japanese verb "mamoru," or "to protect." This is a reference to her partnership with the Mirage Draug, a Knight.



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