“I want power that can protect everyone!”

Mamori Minamoto (源 まもり) is a player-character in Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE. Her Japanese voice actress is Kaori Fukuhara.


Mamori is an elementary-school age girl and entertainer that works at Fortuna Entertainment. She is also a Mirage Master, and her Mirage partner is Draug. She is currently the star of a children's television program called Microwave Idol Mamorin. Her birthday is August 11th, has a blood of O, stands at 147 cm (4 feet, 2 inches), weighs at 39 kgs (86 lbs), and her three sizes are 69B-53W-81H.

Before becoming a Mirage Master, a corrupted Draug possesses Barry Goodman. She is able to free him from Draug's control with her singing, and then purifies Draug with her newly awakened Performa, after he is defeated by Itsuki and the others.


Contrary to her youth, Mamori is fond of old-fashioned, traditional dress and ballads, particularly of the Showa Period. She is also a proper and polite young lady.


Mamori's given name comes from the Japanese verb "mamoru," or "to protect." This is a reference to her partnership with the Mirage Draug, a Knight.



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