The desert, with Thabes Tower in the distance

“Hidden under the sands is the ancient city of Thabes, as well as many buried treasures. The legends of this illusory city lured many men to the desert. However, no ome was ever able to make it back. A Sage once said: Don't go near the death desert of Mamorthod, because there lies a city cursed by darkness.”
Mystery of the Emblem

Mamorthod (マーモトード, Māmotōdo) is a vast desert found towards the north west of Archanea, just north of Khadein. It is known by many as the Desert of Death (死の砂漠, Shi no Sabaku) and it was where Anri first visited on his legendary saga to obtain the Falchion. The desert itself is inhabited by vicious Barbarians and Wyverns. To the far north of Mamorthod is the lost city of Thabes. According to rumours, an ancient, yet advanced, civilization known as Thabes lays buried under the desert sands. The treasures of those people remain buried in the sand to this day. Among the ruins is the Thabes Labyrinth, the final resting place of an alchemist named Forneus responsible for giving life to the creation that would eventually become known as Grima.

Mamorthod would eventually become part of Regna Ferox.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Thabes is a variant spelling of Thebes, which was a capital city in ancient Egypt and could be attributed to Thabes being in a desert.

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