Manaketes (known as Mamkutes in the Japanese versions), also referred to as simply Dragons, are both a race and character class in the Fire Emblem series. Manaketes transform from a humanoid form to a dragon form using dragonstones. The type of dragon formed is dependent on either the race of the wielder or the type of dragonstone used. Members of the class usually have good stats, most of which are increased further when transformed.

As a race, Manaketes are often shown to be in conflict with humans during the games story or backstory. They are sometimes divided into tribes based on their element, such as fire, ice, flying, and earth dragons, although tribes not based off a particular element, like magic and divine dragons, have appeared as well. However, some manaketes, like Tiki, can use a dragonstone from a different tribe. They are also able to mate with humans, creating half-breeds, such as Nils, Al, or Sophia, who usually use normal human classes.

Although Manaketes are similar in concept to the Laguz of Tellius, specifically the Dragon tribe Laguz, they are different in most other ways. Manaketes were originally planned to appear in TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, but were replaced with the similar Emiyu race in the final version. The direct female descendents of the Emiyu race transform using rings instead of dragonstones.


Most male Manaketes appear as hooded, hunched-over humanoids with small wings extending from their back, although more noteable ones may appear younger and thus stand upright. They usually wear robes instead of clothing. Some of the male Manaketes, such as Medeus and Khozen display animalistic features like fangs, claws, and snakelike eyes.

Female Manaketes appear to have larger wings which they use to fly short distances, and younger ones have the bottom part of their robes shorter, so that they resemble skirts.

Maximum Stats

The Sacred Stones

Full-blooded Manaketes

From Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, Monshō no Nazo, and Shadow Dragon

Former Manaketes

From Fūin no Tsurugi

From The Sacred Stones

From Kakusei

Descendants of Manaketes

From Fūin no Tsurugi

From Rekka no Ken

From Kakusei

  • Nn
  • Marc (If mother is Nono, Nn, or Tiki)


  • The name "mamkute/manakete" is trademarked by Intelligent Systems
  • Several of the more powerful manaketes, such as Naga, Holsety, and Loptous, are worshiped as deities.
  • Other than Bantu, all recruitable members of the Manakete class have been female.


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