The Kingdom of Manster is one of the four kingdoms of the Manster District, along with Leonster, Alster, and Conote, and is the closest to the Thracian border. After the Yied Massacre, King Travant of Thracia took advantage of Leonster's crushing defeat and sent an army to conquer the Manster District, starting with Manster itself. Leonster's King Calf sent a large army to aid Manster, but they were betrayed by Raydrik of Conote and Leonster's army was annihilated, including Calf himself, at the Battle of River Thracia. Raydrik was later rewarded by the Grannvale Empire's Duke (later King) Bloom with the position of Duke of Manster when the Empire annexed the entire Manster District.

In Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Leif was captured by Raydrik's minions and imprisoned in Manster. He was rescued by the Magi Squad, led by Ced, and escaped to safety. Much later, converging with the events of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Leif joined with Seliph's liberation army after launching a direct attack on Manster Castle. After a difficult battle, Raydrik and his superior, Veld, were defeated by Leif and his supporters, allowing the liberation army to safely enter the south of the Thracian territory.

Notable citizens of MansterEdit

  • Brighton - Originally a knight of Manster, now a member of the Magi Squad
  • Dalsin - Knight of Manster unhappy with the actions of Raydrik and the Empire
  • Hicks - Knight of Manster, he joins the liberation army after Leif rescues the hostaged children
  • Veld - Lopto Bishop who is in charge of the Loptyrian Cult's operations in the Manster District, stationed at Manster Castle
  • Raydrik - Originally a noble and general of Conote, now serves the empire as the ruler of Manster Castle under Bishop Veld


Munster, a province of Ireland.


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