“...Tsk tsk. I did try to warn Lord Ludveck, but it seems that he is quite fond of you. If he knew of your little discovery... I'm certain he would have no qualms about eliminating you.”
—Maraj, to threaten Lucia

Maraj (マージョウ Mājou) is a boss character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, appearing in Chapter 2-2.


Maraj was one of the Duke Ludveck's retainers. He did try to warn his Lord about he noticed that Lady Lucia had ulterior motive of her sudden visit to Felirae, but Ludveck was not suspicious, because Ludveck is quite fond of Lucia. After he discovered that Lucia had found secret documents about orders written by Ludveck himself hidden in the cave near Felirae castle, that is Lucia had obtained the evidence of Ludveck's planned rebellion, he brought some guards, surrounded the cave and blocked the only exit. He tried to stop her escaping with the documents and attempted to kill her. But he failed and died eventually, with his last few breaths, he warned Lucia there would be nothing Elincia could do. Lucia and her companions returned to Melior.

Character DataEdit

Boss StatsEdit

Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Maraj Wind Sage Sprite Wind SageFE10Earth Earth
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Shove ShoveFE10 Fire Magic Fire - E
FE10 Thunder Magic Thunder - E
FE10 Wind Magic Wind - B
FE10elwind Elwind
FE10secretbook Secret Book


RD Biorhythm G


Boss Battle ConversationsEdit

  • Normal

Maraj: As I expected. The queen's house pets are playful little pups indeed. The only thing your sniffing about will get you, however, is an abruptly shortened life span!

  • VS. Lucia

Maraj: Well, look what we have here… Lady Lucia and her pack of curs. How interesting. What cause could you have for roaming the grounds at night, hmm?
Lucia: Cause? Why, we’ve merely lost our way.
Maraj: Is that so? In that case, I will gladly escort you back to the castle.
Lucia: That’s quite all right. We should be going home. But please do give Lord Ludveck a message.. Tell him that his revolt will never succeed!
Maraj: …Tsk tsk. I did try to warn Lord Ludveck, but it seems that he is quite fond of you. If he knew of your little discovery… I’m certain he would have no qualms about eliminating you.

  • VS. Nealuchi, Lethe or Mordecai

Maraj: To associate with beasts like you... One has to wonder where the queen acquired such a lack of taste.

  • VS. Leanne

Maraj: What a... vision of enchantment! Oh, that I must mangle such beauty! Truly, I will regret this day...

Death QuoteEdit

“My death...means nothing... Our perfect... There is... nothing... nothing the queen...can do...”
—Death Quote



  • Maraj is a common Hindu name, taken from Maharaj.
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