“We might not see each other ever again, but I hope you live a life of happiness. I'm sure that Kreiss is looking for you. Believe in the one you love.”
—Marco, in a conversation with Leteena

Marco (マルコ Maruko, fan translated as Mark) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a member of the Condor Squad, which consists of five Dragon Knights from Sofia. He is also the younger brother of Toms.


If the criteria for the Leteena Event has been fulfilled, the Condor Squad finds Leteena unconscious in a desert, and Marco spends a short amount of time caring for her. During this time, he develops one-sided romantic feelings for her, despite knowing that she loves Kreiss. At the start of Map 25, he takes her to a nearby village and leaves her in the care of an elderly man. He also wishes for Leteena to have happiness with Kreiss. Afterwards, Marco and his four comrades engage Runan's army in a battle that results in their deaths.

If Kreiss fights him during the chapter, Marco quickly realizes his identity upon hearing his name and holds back during the battle. If he is defeated by Kreiss, he will reveal Leteena's whereabouts in his final words.



Starting ClassGroup
DragknightDragon KnightTS group dragon Dragon
TS group flying Flying
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-TS SwordSword
TS LanceLance
Healing FruitHealing Fruit
Iron ShieldIron Shield


Battle QuotesEdit

“Even a seasoned soldier like yourself is no match for a knight of Sofia!”
—Marco's default battle quote
  • Vs. Kreiss

Kreiss: The Sofian Condor Squad! Now that's a name I've heard before.
Marco: You seem like a worthy opponent. I am Marco. And you are, sir?
Kreiss: Kreiss, a knight of Razelia. En garde, Sir Marco!
Marco: Kreiss of Razelia!?

Death QuotesEdit

“Such... strength...”
—Marco's default death quote
  • Vs. Kreiss

Marco: You're... pretty good...
Kreiss: Why did you hold back, Sir Marco? I know you could've done better, so why wouldn't you fight seriously?
Marco: If I killed you... Sir Kreiss... I never could've... forgiven myself... Please take... good care of her... She's waiting... at the outpost nearby... Leteena...
Kreiss: Leteena is here?! Wait, hold on, Marco! Stay with me! Marco...!


Marco is the Italian variant of Mark, which itself is a form of Marcus, a name with an unknown meaning.

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