Marianne is a playable character from the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Marianne is a student at the Officers Academy who is from the Leicester Alliance and is a member of the Golden Deer. She possesses a minor Crest of The Beast. She is 17 at the start of the game.


Early lifeEdit

Marianne is the daughter of an unmentioned noble within the Leicester Alliance. At 14 years old, she was adopted by the lord of the remote Margraviate of Edmund.

Academy phaseEdit

Marianne enrolls in Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy in Imperial Year 1180, and joins the Golden Deer. In her Support with Hanneman, her adoptive father sent a letter to the church with a large donation to keep her Crest a secret.

War phaseEdit

If recruited during the Academy phase, she will join on behalf of her adoptive father whose interest is to build up relations with the factions that were taught by Byleth for political reasons.


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Rumors have spread across the monastery of a beast said to kill people in the middle of the night in a forest. Originally known as Maurice, it was rumored that those who bore his Crest would also transform into a hideous beast like him and kill unsuspecting people. His latest descendant, Marianne, has drawn ire from the uninformed masses. Seeing her plight, Byleth agrees to help her confront the beast and slay it if needed, bringing their students for help. In the forest, the beast approaches Marianne and realizes that she bears his crest, but nonetheless attacks her and sends more monster after her and her allies. After a fierce battle, the Beast is slain and he thanks his descendant for finally putting his soul to rest. The sword Maurice originally carried, Blutgang is found by his corpse, which she takes back to the Monastery. With the sword in hand, the rumors die down as the truth had been revealed as a result of the battle.

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Marianne has low self-esteem and lacks confidence in herself. She rarely speaks, so much so that few people at the academy have ever heard her voice. However, over the course of the story, she begins learning to be more accepting of herself, which reflects on her timeskip appearance, becoming more expressive and having a more healthy appereance in general.

She loves birds and other animals, opening her heart to them and talking to them. She is deeply religious, and prays to the Goddess every day. This isn't to say her devotion is out of sheer belief, as she considered herself a curse and hoped that praying to the Goddess would allow her to escape it.


Base StatsEdit

Starting ClassCrest
NobleMarianne's mystery Crest
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
-Animal FriendAnimal Friend
Sword Prowess Lv 1Sword Prowess Lv 1
Faith Lv 2Faith Lv 2
Training Sword

Skill LevelsEdit

Skill FE16 sword icon FE16 lance icon FE16 axe icon FE16 bow icon FE16 brawl icon FE16 reason icon FE16 faith icon FE16 authority icon FE16 heavy armor icon FE16 riding icon FE16 flying icon
Level E+ E E E E E D+ E E E E
FE16 strength icon
FE16 hidden talent icon
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 weakness icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 strength icon

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
35% 20% 50% 40% 40% 35% 15% 45% 40%

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
68 30 73 56 57 49 39 64 57

Learnt MagicEdit

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Blizzard Heal
D+ - Nosferatu
C Thoron Physic
C+ - -
B Cutting Gale Silence
B+ - -
A Fimbulvetr Aura
A+ - -


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Given her skill levels, Marianne will have easy access to the Myrmidon class family (Myrmidon, Mercenary, Thief, Swordmaster), the Soldier class family (Soldier, Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, Paladin, Falcon Knight), and the Monk class family (Monk, Priest, Bishop, Holy Knight).

Marianne is the main healer for the Golden Deer house, but differs from other healers like Mercedes, Linhardt or Flayn in that her Faith spell list is more offensively oriented, having access to Aura and Silence, but she still does her healing job well thanks to Physic. Her budding talent in Lances means that she can become an acceptable Holy Knight, and her talent in swords means she can do quite well with a Levin Sword or Blutgang (since they scale off her magic stat). However, her low strength means that she should only use magic weapons or spells, as she will otherwise deal poor damage. Much like other mages, her physical bulk is poor, and her speed is only average, so she'll tend to be taken out easily if a fast enemy can reach her, especially Falcon Knights.

Another problem with Marianne is that her array of offensive spells tend to be inaccurate (besides Cutting Gale), which is compounded by her only having average dexterity growths. However, she tends to have a high critical hit chance with her spells, so she can dish out some powerful attacks if she lands her shots.


See also: Marianne/Supports.

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Possible EndingsEdit

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Marianne - Survivor of the Curse

Marianne returned home to a hero's welcome. The people praised her talent and acknowledged her as a savior of Fódlan. Her adoptive father groomed her as his successor, teaching her the power of words over weapons. By the time she claimed her inheritance, she had transformed into one of Fódlan's most skilled orators.

Marianne and Byleth (Azure Moon route)

Byleth announced an engagement to Marianne shortly after being named archbishop of the Church of Seiros. Before they were officially wed, Marianne first returned home to prepare for the ceremony and to study oration and management under her adoptive father. She returned under the Great Tree Moon, and became the archbishop's wife in a grand wedding. The Kingdom experienced remarkable growth thereafter, thanks to the church, and while the archbishop became known for his incredible wisdom, few people of the time understood the depth of his wife's influence.

Marianne and Byleth (Verdant Wind route)

Byleth announced an engagement to Marianne shortly after being named leader of the United Kingdom of Fódlan. Before they were officially wed, Marianne first returned home to prepare for the ceremony and to study oration and management under her adoptive father. She returned under the Great Tree Moon, and became queen of a restored Fódlan in a grand wedding. The kingdom experienced remarkable growth thereafter, and while Byleth became known as a leader of incredible wisdom, few people of the time understood the depth of the queen's influence.

Marianne and Byleth (Crimson Flower route)

Almost immediately after Byleth and Marianne had celebrated their engagement, the struggle against those who slither in the dark began in earnest. Together they fought tirelessly to bring the war to an end so that Fódlan could have lasting peace. Afterwards, they left the Imperial army and were officially wed in Edmund territory. In time, the pair grew into first-rate politicians under the tutelage of Margrave Edmund himself. With the emperor's blessing, they annexed part of Riegan territory, including Derdriu, and used their influence to improve relations and expand trade with foreign nations. Their work greatly contributed to the restoration of the Empire.

Marianne and Dimitri

Dimitri assumed the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and spent his life ruling justly over Fódlan. Several years after his coronation, he took Marianne, whom he loved dearly, as his queen. Many of Dimitri's greatest achievements can be traced to wisdom provided by Marianne, who had received tutelage from her adoptive father, Margrave Edmund. Many years later, when Dimitri fell to illness, he clutched his queen's hand until the very end. The queen's journal, uncovered after her passing, contained recounts of their time together. The last words, penned with trembling hand, are: "I would not trade our time together or the happiness we knew for anything."

Marianne and Claude

Entrusting the future of Fódlan to his friends, Claude left for Almyra to reclaim his place as heir to the throne. Several years later, when he became king, he took initial steps to open trade routes with Fódlan, and entered into negotiations with Margrave Edmund. During this time, he was reunited with Marianne, who had grown under her adoptive father's guidance into a wise and talented woman. She offered him her aid, and as they worked together to secure friendly relations between their respective nations, they fell deeply in love.

Marianne and Ferdinand

Ferdinand announced his engagement to Marianne just after becoming the new Duke Aegir. While he got started restoring his territory, Marianne returned home to study politics under her shrewd adoptive father. When she returned to Ferdinand's side, they were wed, and with her new skills she proved herself to be an asset to the rebuilding effort. Aegir territory flourished under their reign, becoming one of the most prosperous regions in all Fódlan. It is said that Ferdinand commissioned a bronze statue of his wife to honor her, but that Marianne ordered it to be hidden away in storage for eternity.

Marianne and Linhardt

Marianne returned home to a warm welcome from her adoptive father, who recognized her wisdom and skill and began to groom her as his successor. Meanwhile, Linhardt abandoned his noble claim, and happened to choose Margrave Edmund's territory as the site at which to continue his Crest research. Edmund took a liking to Linhardt and approved wholeheartedly when the scholar and his daughter expressed their wish to marry. As Edmund's successors, the couple combined Linhardt's brilliance with Marianne's practical wisdom to bring abundance to the people.

Marianne and Ashe

After the war, Ashe was formally knighted, and appointed the new head of House Gaspard, which had no successors. The young and inexperienced lord faced a great deal of difficulty in governing, until his court was blessed with a new adviser in Marianne. Using skills imparted to her by her adoptive father, Marianne helped Ashe to solidify his position. As the prosperity of Gaspard territory grew, so did a love between them, and soon Margrave Edmund saw fit to bless the couple's happy marriage. Years later, Ashe asked Marianne what made her choose to help him in the first place. She simply smiled and said that she decided to make supporting him her dream.

Marianne and Lorenz

As the new head of House Gloucester, Lorenz first worked to restore his own territory, and then expanded his vision to include reforms for all Fódlan. At the height of his storied political career, he announced his marriage to Marianne. Prior to the wedding, she received extensive tutelage from her adoptive father, Margrave Edmund, so that by the time they were wed she was fully prepared to govern. The pair was particularly successful in providing new innovations in dairy farming, and came to be known as the mother and father of horses and cattle in the region. It is said that Lorenz was rather vexed by the title.

Marianne and Raphael

Raphael returned to his hometown, where he served his liege lord as a knight for a time. Later, he gave it up to pursue his true passion of food by opening up an inn. He got the idea to install a bird feeder outside the place, calling it The Winged Inn & Tavern, and before long, the site began to attract the prettiest birds in the region. Soon after that, Marianne made her first visit, and she and Raphael enjoyed a happy reunion. Seeing her gift in talking to the birds, he invited her to stay. Marianne eventually became known as the woman whose talent for handling animals helped an inn to flourish.

Marianne and Ignatz

Marianne returned home to a warm welcome from her adoptive father, who recognized her wisdom and skill and began to groom her as his successor. During that time, she had a chance reunion with Ignatz, who had persuaded his family to allow him to travel the world as an artist. Marianne wholeheartedly supported his work, and before long, came to be enchanted not merely by the landscapes and portraits of all he had seen in his travels, but also by his character. The romance between artist and patron was considered unusual, but long after their wedding, the story of how they fell in love was immortalized in popular plays.

Marianne and Hilda

After returning to their respective homes, Hilda and Marianne stayed in touch and deepened their friendship through letters. Hilda informed Marianne that her passion for crafting fashionable accessories had given her the idea to start an artisan academy, and in response, Marianne pledged the financial support of the house of Margrave Edmund. Soon, artisan schools began to appear all over Fódlan, producing talented craftsmen and high-quality trade goods, which contributed greatly to the prosperity of Fódlan. The accessories sent to Marianne personally by Hilda became some of the most highly valued treasures in history.

Marianne and Hanneman

After the war, Marianne and Hanneman stayed in touch and deepened their friendship through letters. When Hanneman's Crest research fell on hard times, Marianne was able to secure Margrave Edmund's financial support to allow his work to continue. The research bore fruit in the form of magical tools which could be used even without the aid of Crests, and the funding allowed these tools to be produced in great number. After Marianne inherited her adoptive father's house, she guided Hanneman to create a branch of research devoted to peaceful applications of Crestology. These advancements, which Hanneman provided, became the legacy of Marianne's later years.
"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

Etymology Edit

Marianne is a French name formed from the union of Marie and Anne, versions of English names Mary and Ann, meaning "beloved, and full of grace" or "bitter and graceful."

Maria traces its roots to the Hebrew name Mairyam, meaning "sea of sorrow", or the Egyptian "beloved." Anne comes from the Hebrew Hannah "full of grace."


  • Marianne's Crest appears as a Crest Stone on the axe Edelgard wields after the time skip.
  • Marianne shares her English Voice Actress, Xanthe Huynh, with Eir from Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Marianne stands at 163cm (or about 5’4”).
  • In a survey conducted by Nintendo DREAM Magazine, Marianne placed 9th with 10.5% of the vote overall in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The male-female vote ratio was 1:2.


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