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=== B Support ===
=== B Support ===
* '''Marianne''': ...
* '''Ferdinand''': Marianne. Are you not going to pray?
* '''Marianne''': I've finished. What is it?
* '''Ferdinand''': I just wanted to apologize.
* '''Marianne''': It's fine, Ferdinand. You did nothing wrong.
* '''Ferdinand''': Last time we spoke, I did not quite finish saying what I wanted to say. You say I did nothing wrong, so perhaps you will hear me out this time?
* '''Marianne''': Very well. What is it?
* '''Ferdinand''': Rather than mourning the way things are, is it not better to accept reality and move forward from there?
* '''Marianne''': Accept and move forward?
* '''Ferdinand''': Precisely. You curse your heritage and reject your present situation. That makes you gloomy, even despairing. As long as you are held back by that way of thinking, nothing is ever going to change.
* '''Marianne''': What about you? Do you really believe that you accept whatever comes in life?
* '''Ferdinand''': I do. Come what may, I will never falter.
* '''Marianne''': How?
* '''Ferdinand''': Well, each person is born with a purpose. We must fulfill that purpose, no matter our circumstances. It imbues our lives with meaning and direction. That is what I believe, anyway. Everyone has something they are meant to accomplish. That is true for nobles, commoners, even bandits.
* '''Marianne''': I-I see... so that's what you believe. Do you... really think it's possible that someone like me has a purpose to fulfill?
* '''Ferdinand''': Yes! Of course.
* '''Marianne''': Oh! I'll give this some serious thought. Thank you, Ferdinand. Your words have deeply moved me.
* '''Ferdinand''': Is that so? How wonderful! I will pray that you find the answers you seek.
=== A Support ===
=== A Support ===
* '''Marianne''': Mmm... delicious...
* '''Marianne''': Mmm... delicious...
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