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“We Lycian nobles will never understand those prideful savages.”
— Marquess Araphen upon Lyn's departure from his castle.

Marquess Araphen is a non playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is the ruler of the second largest Lycian territory, Araphen, and is racist against Sacaeans. He withdrew his offer to help Lyndis assume her throne upon seeing how Sacaean she appears.

Like many other characters, his portrait is a palette swap of Aion, the boss of Chapter 18x(H19x): Imprisoner of Magic.


Little is known about Marquess Araphen. His given name is never revealed. However, he is rumored to have loved Lyn's mother, Madelyn. Her choice of Hassar, a Sacaean, over him led to his resentment towards Sacaeans.

When he heard that Lyn was the heir to the Caelin throne, he offered to give her supplies to help her on her journey. However, as Lyn is coming to get the supplies, Lundgren's men bent on stopping her attack the castle and attempt to assassinate her. Although Lyn and her group defeat Bool and Lundgren's other soldiers, saving the castle, Marquess Araphen withdraws his offer to aid her on the grounds that her inheritance dispute damaged his castle and that she is visibly "tainted with the blood of Sacae". He also mentions that he believes Marquess Caelin is so ill that he will die before he meets Lyndis and aiding her would anger Lundgren, who would be the new marquess. Lyn leaves the castle. While talking to himself, Marquess Araphen expresses that he would have aided her if she had cried and refers to Sacaeans as "prideful savages". Rath, a Sacaean who had served as captain of his guard, quits upon hearing this and joins Lyn. Lyn leaves Araphen and Marquess Araphen is neither seen nor mentioned again.

During Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, there is no reference to the Marquess of Araphen that would imply that he is the same man, so it is unclear whether he is still alive during the story. He likely died prior to the events of The Binding Blade or during Bern's attack on Castle Araphen.


Primarily, Marquess Araphen is bitter and spiteful as a result of being rejected by Madelyn. He allows this frustration to form his prejudice against Sacaeans that governs all of his actions during The Blazing Blade. His contentment with Rath, who serves him, but disdain for Lyndis, who would be his equal, is proof that his superiority to Sacaeans is important to him. Marquess Araphen appears to be materialistic, as shown by his anger at the damage to his castle. However, this may simply be another excuse to refrain from aiding Lyn. He also values manners as shown by his comment that Sain is "poorly behaved".