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Matthias, also known as Margrave Gautier, is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that first appears in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the head of House Gautier, a margravate in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the father of Miklan and Sylvain.


As the head of House Gautier, Matthias is tasked with protecting the Kingdom of invaders from Sreng. He disinherited Miklan seemingly due to lacking a Crest.

Three Houses

When House Gautier's Heroes' Relic, the Lance of Ruin, is stolen by Miklan, Matthias requests help from the Church of Seiros in order to retrieve it. After the situation is dealt with, Matthias tasks Sylvain with wiping out the remnants of Miklan's thieves plaguing Gautier territory.

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In all routes but Crimson Flower, Matthias works alongside Rodrigue to lead the resistance against Cornelia and the Faerghus Dukedom. In Azure Moon, he rallies the eastern lords to crush the pro-imperial factions of the Kingdom after the death of Rodrigue.

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Warriors: Three Hopes

After Rufus' execution, Matthias reports to Dimitri that many of the western lords are suspected of being accomplices in the Tragedy of Duscur. He suspects they likely received Imperial money and resources from Volkhard as a reward for their part in the conspiracy while Cornelia helped both him and Edelgard arrive to Faerghus in secrecy while the latter was in exile. Two years later, Matthias provides Dimitri political advice surrounding the Empire's declaration of war against the Central Church.


Matthias is a name derived from the Greek Ματθαίος, in origin similar to Matthew.

Raoul is a French variant of the male given name Ralph or Rudolf.

Gauthier is a name and surname of French origins. It comes from the old French Gauldheri, which means "army ruler".


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