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“Listen well, Sylvain. You are to be the next Margrave Gautier. I expect you to stand in my stead against foreign threats, and to protect your king, your people, your friends, and... your family. Which, of course, I failed to do. Forgive me, Sylvain. I know I was a terrible father.”
—Matthias to Sylvain

Matthias, also known as Margrave Gautier, is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that first appears in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the head of House Gautier, a margraviate in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the father of Miklan and Sylvain. He possesses a minor crest of Gautier and is childhood friends with Lambert and Rodrigue.


As the head of House Gautier, Matthias is tasked with protecting the Kingdom from Sreng invaders. After the death of his first wife and unborn second child in a Sreng raid, Matthias became withdrawn and hardened. He disinherited Miklan, seemingly due to his lack of a Crest and the mistreatment of his half-brother Sylvain, and the resentful young man turned to a life of banditry.

In Imperial Year 1169, he took a Sreng warrior into his home; Matthias taught him the Fódlan language, culture, and battle strategy in hopes of building understanding between their peoples. Instead, the young man escaped and took this knowledge back to Sreng for use in their raids against Faerghus.

Three Houses[]

When House Gautier's Heroes Relic, the Lance of Ruin, is stolen by Miklan, Matthias requests help from the Church of Seiros in order to retrieve it. After the situation is dealt with, Matthias tasks Sylvain with wiping out the remnants of Miklan's thieves plaguing Gautier territory.

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In all routes but Crimson Flower, Matthias works alongside Rodrigue to lead the resistance against Cornelia and the Faerghus Dukedom. In Azure Moon, he rallies the eastern lords to crush the pro-imperial factions of the Kingdom after the death of Rodrigue.

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Warriors: Three Hopes[]

Azure Gleam[]

After Rufus' execution, Matthias reports to Dimitri that many of the western lords are suspected of being accomplices in the Tragedy of Duscur. He suspects they likely received Imperial money and resources from Volkhard as a reward for their part in the conspiracy while Cornelia helped both him and Edelgard arrive to Faerghus in secrecy while the latter was in exile. Two years later, Matthias provides Dimitri political advice surrounding the Empire's declaration of war against the Central Church.

Golden Wildfire[]

When the Leicester Federation manages to cross the ocean with Almyran ships Nader managed to obtained from his King, they march into Fraldarius territory, clashing with Felix, Ashe, and Rodrigue. Matthias rides to battle as the Dukes Fraldarius were getting repelled, losing men left and right, and covered their escape, though he dies in the process when Federation troops closed in on him.

Before he rode to his last stand, Matthias made Sylvain the next Margrave Gautier.


Before the death of his first wife, Matthias was described as "a lively young man—cheerful and friendly to the last". With her passing, he became emotionally distant, bluntly pragmatic, and a negligent father. He paid little attention to the animosity between his sons, only disowning Miklan and forcing him out of House Gautier after his bullying of Sylvain turned almost fatal.

After his failure to foster better relations with Sreng, the Margrave turned bitter and pessimistic towards the notion of peace with the Kingdom's northern neighbor, and has dismissed Sylvain's thoughts on the matter as naïve. Sylvain, however, knows his father is one to bottle things up and that he doesn't always mean what he says.

Matthias is also shown to be regretful for his neglect and coldness, apologizing to Sylvain for not being a better father to him in Golden Wildfire before he dies. He also feels the need to avenge Miklan's death in Azure Gleam despite having disowned him.

Matthias' unnerving unflappability, staunch loyalty, and battlefield prowess have earned him the moniker "Wall of Ice".

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Warriors: Three Hopes


Matthias is a name derived from the Greek Ματθαίος, in origin similar to Matthew.

Raoul is a French variant of the male given name Ralph or Rudolf.

Gauthier is a name and surname of French origins. It comes from the old French Gauldheri, which means "army ruler".


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