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“Yes! I'm here!”

Maxime is an enemy character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade; he is a mercenary fighting under the Black Fang guild. He is a subordinate of Ursula and assists her in hunting down Jaffar and Nino when they betrayed the guild, but to no avail.

As with many other bosses, Maxime does not have a unique portrait. He shares it with Cameron.




Secret Book (Artwork)
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In the chapter he appears in, Maxime hunts down Jaffar at the beginning of the battle, but is almost always killed immediately by Jaffar and his superior skill. Maxime is most likely only in the chapter at all to make Jaffar's character seem more intimidating and appealing to those unfamiliar to the assassin class. However in Hector Mode, he simply waits in a side hallway and advances upon any of your units that move into his range. He is not much of a problem in Normal Mode, but his stats are significantly increased (even breaking the HP cap) in Hard Mode, making him a deadly threat.

He is of the Paladin class, but is one of the weakest (outside of Hector Hard Mode) sub-bosses in The Blazing Blade.


  • In what is possibly an oversight, Maxime lacks the dedicated internal boss flag despite being treated as a boss enemy in the story. Because of this, he does not display an icon and player units receive less experience when fighting him than they would if the flag were on.