Melina is a background character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is the mother of the young soldier Amelia, a woman from the village named Silva. She was stolen away sometime during Amelia's youth, and with her father's previous death, this left Amelia alone.

Later, while General Duessel was leading a patrol near the Grado border, they encountered that same band of bandits, and after defeating them they freed Melina. She was in deep shock, and could not remember much of her life previous to her capture. The soldiers took her to a nearby peaceful village where she could recover, and Melina began to become healthier; however, she only recovered her memories years later, including the ones of her daughter.

Duessel later met Amelia herself. In their Support conversations, he recognizes the description of her mother (greatly helped by Amelia and Melina's resemblance) and tells Amelia of her, and that he had been looking for her daughter for many years. They promise to go and see Melina after the war is over.

In their common ending, Duessel takes Amelia to the village where Melina lives now, and they are happily reunited. Afterwards, Amelia becomes the apprentice and companion of Duessel himself.

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