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Castle Crimea

Castle Crimea

Melior (メリオル) is the capital of Crimea and houses Castle Crimea (クリミア王城), the home of the Royal Family of Crimea. It is also known as the Halls of Justice.


Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance[]

In Path of Radiance, Castle Crimea is captured early on on the game by Daein forces. During the attack on Castle Crimea, the Daein army made an attempt to kill all of the members of the Crimean nobility to destroy any possibility of Crimean citizens rebelling against the Daein Occupational Army with a member of the Royal Family being their rallying point.

However, Lord Renning, the then leader of the Crimean Royal Knights and thought to be killed, was actually incapacitated by Daein forces and brought to Nevassa on orders of Daein's Mad King Ashnard. Ashnard then ordered the  experimentation with Izuka's Laguz Feral Drug on Renning. Renning soon became mad and became a killing machine. Ashnard made the now- insane Renning a member of his Four Riders, giving him the name Bertram.

Also, the Princess of Crimea, Elincia, managed to escape from the Daein forces with a small escort of guards. However during her flight from Melior, Elincia's forces were killed in a Daein ambush. Shortly after the battle between Elincia's guards and the Daein forces ended, the Greil Mercenaries happened by, the leader of the Daein force then ordered his group to kill them. The battle was won by the Greil Mercenaries and they rescued Elincia. Elincia, with the help of Ike, later lead a force to recapture Crimea.

The Gardens and front entrance of Castle Crimea were the location of the final battle of Path of Radiance. Ike lead the liberation force through the front gates of Castle Crimea while Ashnard lead his forces from near the castle's front wall. Eventually Ashnard was defeated and the Melior, along with the rest of Crimea, was liberated from Daein.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn[]

During Part Two of Radiant Dawn, Ludveck attempts to cause a revolution to usurp power from Queen Elincia.

When Ludveck starts marching to conquer Melior, Lucia sends Elincia away to Fort Alpea in order to protect her; unfortunately, Ludveck discovers their plan, kidnaps Lucia and marches to Fort Alpea, where he is defeated and seized by Elincia's forces.

In Part Three, the meeting between Sanaki and Elincia, Tibarn, Caineghis and the Greil Mercenaries takes place in Melior, where they sign a pact to retake the Begnion Empire, usurped by the Begnion Senate.

After Part 3, Geoffrey is left in charge of Castle Crimea as Elincia leaves Crimea. After the judgement of the Goddess of Order, Ashera, he takes leave of the country with Bastian and Volke to find Queen Elincia and her group and restore the mind of a masked man.


Melior means "better" in Latin.