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“But Al... I believe you will be able to do it. Because I don't know anyone else with a heart as strong as yours.”
—Melitha encouraging Al

Melitha is a character who appears in the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. Belonging to the ancient race of dragons known as Archdragons, Melitha is the mother of the manga's protagonist Al and the wife of the leader of the Eight Legends, Hartmut.


Melitha was alive at the time of The Scouring, though being a full blooded adult Manakete, she has potentially lived for far longer. It is unknown how she lived during the events of The Scouring, it is however known that at some point she met and married the Eight Legends leader, Hartmut, with the two having a child named Al. Hartmut was however unaware of her true identity as a dragon and only learned so when she told him after the humans won the war. Being the leader of the man who was responsible for driving the dragons from Elibe, Hartmut felt that he would never be able to live with a dragon, so he made the decision to use the power of the Binding Blade to seal both Melitha and Al.

A millennium later, Melitha and her son were freed from their seal by Audamorze, leader of the Black Bone Clan, and taken into captivity so that he could use them to achieve his goal of ruling over humans and dragons. However, thanks to the aid of a disillusioned clan member named Magough, she and Al were freed and attempted to flee their captors. Whilst fleeing, Melitha notice an archer who had taken aim on Magough and shielded him from the arrow with her body. This would ultimately end up killing her, but before she died, she merged her body with an ancient blade forged from the bones of and by the Archdragons known as the Champion's Blade.

She would appear one last time during the final battle against Audamorze as a spirit within the Champion's Blade. Having had his dragon powers stolen from him by Audamorze, she appears before Al and offers him advice, stating the that Champion's Blade's power comes from the same source as an Archdragons. She also wonders is the power of despair could be used to crush despair and if such a thing would not just perpetuate the cycle of despair. Nevertheless she says that she trust that Al can do what no others have done and utilize the true power of the Champion's Blade, and just before disappearing she tells him to make his heart one with the Archdragon from which the blade was made.


Not much is shown of Melitha, but what is denotes a kind, gentle and selfless woman. She willingly admits to Hartmut that she was a dragon, no longer wanting to lie to him and knowing the possible consequences of doing so. She also holds no objections when Hartmut, believing that he could not live with a dragon, seals her and Al with the Binding blade. She was also willing to sacrifice her own life in order to save Magough.

She cares deeply for her son, and willing to sacrifice for him as well, forging eating and encouraging Al could grow up strong. She also has the utmost faith in his abilities, stating that she knows that he can access the true power of the Champion's Blade, which no one else has ever done.



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