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Melkaen Coast (Japanese: メレカナ海岸 Melkana Coast) is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is similar to the Tower of Valni and the Lagdou Ruins, in that the player is never forced to battle there during the main story. The player can find many rare or expensive weapons and Items at the Melkaen Coast such as the Brave weapons, Killer weapons, Promotional Item, and Angelic Robes. It is unlocked after beating Chapter 19: Last Hope. This is considered to be just as hard as the first floor of the Lagdou Ruins, as every monster found is a promoted version with very high health (over 40+ except for a few monsters).

This map contains around 45-50 monsters should there be an attack here. The monsters listed below will always spawn:

  • A Gorgon (no Shadowshot), in the forest south of the boss.
  • A level 20 Elder Bael, who holds a varied expensive item, with the least valuable being an Elixir. The item may have to be stolen. The Bael resides in the forest in the north-east corner of the map.
  • A Wight with a Killer Bow, in the south forest.

Fog of War may occur, making it even more deadly than usual. Note that every invasion force will have a group of five to seven Arch Mogalls on the left center of the map, which never move unless they can attack.

Here are the monsters that will invade Melkaen Coast. The commander and guards of the invasion force stay at the top center of the map:

Here are the enemies that will appear:

  • Wight
  • Maelduin
  • Cyclops (fairly often)
  • Gorgon
  • Arch Mogall
  • Deathgoyle
  • Gwyllgi
  • Entombed (very rare)
  • Elder Bael


  • When dealing with a monster skirmish on this map, a Wight or two will end up in the more denser forest patches. These patches give increased evasion against enemies, which is odd as if you hover your cursor over it does not show evasion bonuses.
  • This map is the only monster skirmish area where a level 20 monster unit can be found.
  • Players will always get an item off this map. Very rarely do you need a Thief or Rogue to steal it.
  • This is the only Creature Campaign map where new characters cannot be acquired.

See also Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins.