Memory Prism (記憶の欠片 lit. Memory Fragment) is a key item that debuts in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Memory Prism is used to place inside the Mila's Turnwheel to reveal memories of characters before the events of the game. It can be used in shrines.

Item Information Edit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Memory fragment icon Memory Prism - - Placed in Mila's Turnwheel to reveal unseen memories.

Item Locations Edit

Memory Method Location
Amid the Flames Examine Sea Shrine - Mila Shrine
An Oath at Dawn Examine Duma Temple - Entrance
May I Have This Dance? Examine Duma Temple - Area 4
The Lasting Promise Examine Rigel Castle - Grand Portal
Memories of the Villa Examine Sage's Hamlet - Sage's House
The Flirt and the Faithful Examine Grieth's Citadel - Entrance
Drifter from a Distant Land Examine Rigel Village - Entrance (after recruiting Zeke)
Leaving the Past Behind Examine Zofia Castle - Balcony (Act 3 and after)
Eventide Intrigue Examine Forest Village - House 2
A Land of Gods and Men Dropped Thabes Labyrinth: The Creation

DLC Edit

Memory Method Location
A Suitable Suitor Clear map “Battle of Zofia Harbor” -
Love's Beginnings Clear map “Battle of Zofia Harbor” -
Happy Memories Clear map “Flight from the Ruins” -

Script Edit

See main article: Mila's Turnwheel/Memory Prisms.
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