Chapter Quotes Edit

White Clouds Chapter 2: Familiar Scenery Edit

First Kill Edit

  • "I hope the goddess blesses them to rest in peace..."

White Clouds Chapter 4: The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth Edit

Vs Death Knight Edit

  • Mercedes: "Oh my, how frightening! Won't you please go easy on me?"
  • Death Knight: "You... Was this meeting... preordained?"
  • Mercedes: "Hmm? What do you mean?"

Azure Moon Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn Edit

  • "Oh! I haven't seen any of you in such a long time! I'm so glad to see you're alive."


  • "Getting to see you and everyone else again makes having to leave my family feel less difficult."

Paralogue: The Face Beneath Edit

Vs the Death Knight Edit

  • Mercedes: You try to hide yourself with that mask and helmet... But I know who you really are.
  • Death Knight: I...have nothing to say to you...

Azure Moon Chapter 20: The Impregnable Fortress Edit

Vs the Death Knight (If the paralogue The Face Beneath was completed) Edit

  • Mercedes: I came to get you. Let's return together...Emile.
  • Death Knight: Leave. The place of your death is not here...

 Crimson Flower Chapter 17: Field of Revenge Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • It makes me so sad to fight against you, but I suppose that's how things go when you're at war. Why follow an emperor who would start such a war?

Vs Annette Edit

  • Annette: Mercie...
  • Mercedes: Now, now, Annie. There's no need for that. This is a battlefield, after all.
  • Annette: I'm so sorry... You know that, don't you? And also know that you don't have to forgive me...
  • Mercedes: I was going to say the same thing. I'm so sorry if I cause you any pain.

Vs Jeritza Edit

  • Jeritza: Step back, Mercedes.
  • Mercedes: I won't. This is the path I have chosen. It's the same for you too, Emile. Is it not? Someday, we may meet again in another life. Whenever that happens, I hope we'll remain side by side, always...
  • Jeritza: My dear sister... I am sorry.

Death Quote Edit

  • I'm...I'm sorry, Dimitri... I can't seem to stay...on my feet.

Verdant Wind Chapter 16: The Rose-Colored River Edit

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

  • "Lady Rhea is in the Empire, isn't she? We should hurry up and find her. So many people in the monastery and nearby towns are worried... I want to ease their minds as soon as possible, Professor. Let's work together to find her!"

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "I hope this song reaches the goddess's ears."

Cooking Edit

  • "I enjoy baking sweets, but I'm not sure how I'll do cooking other types of food. Cooking is so much more exciting than studying or training!"

Dining Hall Edit

  • "I know! Let's have tea together after our meal!"
  • "This is my absolute favorite! How did you know, Professor?" (Favorite dish)
  • "Hmm... This isn't my favorite, but it's rude not to finish what's on my plate." (Disliked dish)

With Annette Edit

No support:

  • Annette: Today's dish was so good! Oh, but not as good as your homemade sweets, Mercie!
  • Mercedes: You're too kind. Maybe I'll make some for you next time, Professor.

B support:

  • Annette: It's, uh...really tasty.
  • Mercedes: Yeah... Please, help yourself...

A Support

  • Annette: Sitting around a nice meal and eating with friends is the best!
  • Mercedes: I know you're excited, but you'll choke on your food if you don't take time to chew!

Recruitment Edit

Requirements Not Met Edit

  • "Oh, you want me to join your class? Hmm, well... I'm already having so much fun in my current class. Sorry to disappoint, but I'll have to decline."

Requirements Met Edit

  • "Oh, Professor. I have a small request for you. I'd love it if you would add me to your class. I can just tell that studying under you every day would be such a treat!"
    • Invite to join your house: "Wow! Really? Thank you so much! I'm so happy! I hope to learn a lot from you."
    • Decline to invite: "Oh no. Are you sure? Well, I guess that's OK... I'm sure you have your reasons, so I won't argue."

Gift Edit

  • "Hmm... I'm not sure about this..." (Disliked gift)
  • "Thank you! I appreciate it!" (Liked gift)
  • "Oh my! This is great! Thank you so much!" (Favorite gift)

Lost Item Edit

  • "Oh! This is mine! Thank you for returning it to me, but how did you know I lost it?"
  • "Did you find this? I wonder who it belongs to..."

Tea Party Edit

  • "Hello, Professor. Did you want to see me?"
  • "This tea is my favorite! You have very good taste, Professor." (favorite tea: Albinean Berry Blend, Crescent Moon Tea, Southern Fruit Blend)
  • "This is a very expensive tea, is it not? I've been wanting to try it..." (five star tea)

Introducing Own Topic

  • "As I continue to grow, I've learned not to regret the choices I've made!"
  • "I baked a cake earlier today. Should I have brought some with me?"
  • "I should probably write to my mother soon…"
  • "I used to live in a quiet and beautiful church…but it’s not bad here either!"
  • "I’m actually quite skilled at drawing. I wouldn’t mind using you as a model!"
  • "Not to be a bother, but do you mind if I stay just a little longer?"
  • "The cathedral is nice and quiet. It’s so relaxing!"
  • "You should really brighten this room up a bit. Have you considered putting flowers in the window?"


  • "Oh! I'm so sorry. I was lost in thought."
  • "My mind can be so scattered sometimes."
  • "I know it's a luxury, but I take my skin care very seriously."
  • Oh, was there something you were looking for?"

Voice Lines

  • "Ah, very calming."
  • "Ooh, too hot."
  • "So delicious!"
  • "Professor."
  • "I see."
  • "Huh."
  • "Professor..."
  • "How's that?"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Oh my!"
  • "Hm?"
  • "Oh!"
  • "Yes."
  • "Oh..."


  • "Ahh, that was delicious. Thank you so much for inviting me!"


Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "Oh no... Now what should I do?"
    • Console: "Thank you for being so kind, Professor.
    • Critique: ""
  • Great: "Now I feel like I'm getting somewhere!"
  • Great: "Yes, very good."
  • Perfect: "Thank you, Professor! I couldn't have done it without you!"
    • Praise: "I'm sure I'll get it again next time!"

Group Tasks Edit

Stable Duty Edit

  • "Let's do this together!"
  • "I'm glad it's you."
    • "We did good work!" (perfect result)
With Annette Edit
  • Normal:
    • Mercedes: I'm so glad I got to do this with you, Annie! I'm sure it'll be fun!
    • Annette: That's no good, Mercie! Fun is fine an all, but results are what counts!
    • Mercedes: I know that, silly. I can have fun without holding us back!
      • Annette: It all turned out pretty well! And it's thanks to your efforts, Mercie!
      • Mercedes: You're the one who did all the hard work, Annie. Now that it's over, how does some tea sound? (perfect result)
  • After achieving B support:
    • Annette: So... Let's do our best, OK, Mercie?
    • Mercedes: Right... Let's finish this quickly.
    • Annette: Today I guess we should get it done without chatting.
      • Mercedes: We're all done here, Professor! I guess I'll be going...
      • Annette: Oh, yes! It would be great if we could work together again sometime. (good result)
  • After achieving A support:
    • Mercedes: I'm feeling great today, Annie! Let's get to it!
    • Annette: Leave it to me! With the two of us together, we'll get it done in a snap!
    • Mercedes: I hope you're right! Let's get this over with so we can have a cup of tea.
      • Annette: Not a bad conclusion, Mercie. But maybe we should have put more effort into it?
      • Mercedes: Goodness, Annie. You always work so hard, but I suppose I could try just a little harder. (good result)
      • Mercedes: How's that, Professor? Isn't it just perfect?
      • Annette: Look how easy it is when Mercie and I put out backs into it! (perfect result)

Sky Watch Edit

  • "Let's do this together!"

Level Up Edit

  • "It's just not my day." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I won't let everyone down." (3 stats up)
  • "You can rely on me." (4-5 stats up)
  • "I feel more...powerful!" (6+ stats up)


  • "I don't know what happened." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "Leave it to me. (4 stats up)"
  • "This is for everyone's good." (4 stats up)
  • "My work's not done." (3 or 6 stats up)
  • "I've made good progress."

Skill Level Up Edit

New Skill

  • "I'm a natural."
  • "This isn't so hard."
  • "I'm getting much better!"


  • "This is making sense!"
  • "I'll do my best with it."
  • "Interesting!"

Budding Talent

  • "Is this really something I can do?"

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "That should do it!"


  • "I've made good progress."

Class Quotes Edit

Certification Exams Edit

  • "I'm so glad I passed!" (Passed)
  • "Oh no... I couldn't do it..." (Failed)


  • "I'm so glad I passed!" (Passed)
  • "Oh no... I couldn't do it..." (Failed)

Class Mastery Edit

  • "That should do it!"


  • "I've made good progress."

Reclassing Edit

  • "I'll put my best foot forward."
  • "I'll do my best..."
  • "My strength will only grow."


Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "Here we go!" (Full/High Health)
  • "Let's be careful." (Medium Health)
  • "I'm not so sure about this." (Low Health)


  • "At your service!" (Full/High Health)
  • "We can't be careless." (Medium Health)
  • "I pushed too hard." (Low Health)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • ""
  • ""


  • "Hey!"
  • ""

Critical AttackEdit

  • "Excuse me!"
  • "Sorry about this!"
  • "I've got this!"
  • "Here goes!"


  • "Excuse me!"
  • "Are you prepared for this?"
  • "Your end has come!"
  • "Give me strength!"
  • "You may want to move!" (facing enemy student)
  • "Make your peace!" (facing enemy student)
  • "This ends now!" (facing enemy student)

Gambit Edit

  • "


  • "

Gambit BoostEdit

  • ""


  • ""

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Oh... I won!"
  • "It's not over yet."
  • "Had to be done."


  • "Be at peace."
  • "I don't expect forgiveness."
  • ""
  • ""

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "I'm counting on you."


  • "You make me feel safe."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "So helpful."
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Sorry."
  • "I appreciate it."


  • ""
  • ""

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“I... I don't think I can keep fighting.”
—Mercedes's retreat quote. (casual)
“I must pull back. Please, be safe.”
—Mercedes's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“I go now to meet the goddess...”
—Mercedes's death quote. (classic)
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