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Prologue: Mercenaries Edit

Before battle Edit

(Movie "Memories" plays)

  • Mist: Are you all right?
  • Ike: Nn... Yeah, I'll be fine.
  • Greil: So, the sleeping prince awakens!
  • Mist: Father! I can't believe you! I know those are practice swords, but they're still heavy! You have no right to be so rough on Ike.
  • Greil: If this is too much for the boy, he'll never make it as a mercenary.
  • Mist: But--
  • Ike: You don't have to worry. I told you, I'm fine.
  • Greil: Ha! You'd better be. Now grab your sword and get ready!
  • Mist: What? Don't tell me you're going at it again! But--
  • Ike: Just until I land a single blow. I'm not giving up until I can get one good hit in on Father.
  • Greil: I like your resolve, Ike. But it takes more than a strong will to... Hm?
  • Boyd: Aha! I knew I'd find you here!
  • Mist: Hi, Boyd. What brings you here?
  • Boyd: Nothing special. You said you were going to get the boss, but you never came back. I got picked to check up on you.
  • Mist: Oh! Sorry, I got caught up with Ike and my father.
  • Boyd: It's nothing. Besides, I figured I'd get a good laugh watching Ike get worked over by the boss. You...look fine.What happened?
  • Ike: Nothing at all. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
  • Mist: You just missed it. Just a minute ago, he was out cold.
  • Ike: Mist!
  • Mist: Ha ha! Sorry.
  • Greil: You came at just the right time, Boyd. You can be Ike's sparring partner.
  • Boyd: What? Me?
  • Greil: I'm beginning to think it would be better if he sparred with someone closer to his own skill.
  • Ike: ...I understand.
  • Ike: Thanks for your help, Boyd.
  • Boyd: Hmph! I don't know about this "to his skill" business, but I'm ready!
  • Boyd: All right. I'm ready for you! Let's go!

Ike moves away from Boyd Edit

  • Mist: Not that way, Ike!

Ike moves away from Boyd a second time Edit

  • Mist: Did you hear me? Not that way!

Ike moves away from Boyd a third time Edit

  • Mist: Hey! Are you even listening to me?

Boyd is attacked Edit

  • Mist: You can do it! Boyd's got nothing! Take him out!
  • Boyd: "Nothing"!? I don't have nothing. I mean, I have—I mean...

End first turn without attacking Boyd Edit

  • Boyd: Hey! What's the holdup? Let's get started already.
  • Ike: I'm coming. Wait right there!

End second turn without attacking Boyd Edit

  • Boyd: Hurry up, will you? Or are you afraid of me?

End third turn without attacking Boyd Edit

  • Boyd: Come on! What are you doing? Are you sure you really want to learn how to fight?

End fourth turn without attacking Boyd Edit

  • Boyd: Yaaaawn... You know, I'm getting sleepy.

After a round of combat with Boyd Edit

  • Boyd: Ha ha! I'm not done yet. We're just getting started.

Boyd gets shoved Edit

  • Boyd: Whoa! Come on! What's that all about? You're wasting our time!

Ike discards his trainer sword Edit

  • Mist: Ah!
  • Mist: I can't believe this! If you throw your weapon away, how do you expect to fight? Let me help... Here you go, Ike. Here's your sword.
  • Ike: Oh...thanks.
  • Mist: Try to be a little more careful!

Boyd is defeated Edit

  • Boyd: That—that wasn't too bad.
  • Mist: Boyd, you're such a loser.
  • Boyd: Shut your trap!
  • Greil: Good work, Boyd. That's enough.
  • Boyd: Oh, all right!
  • Greil: Your swordsmanship was decent enough, Ike. Don't forget how it felt. It won't always be this easy.
  • Ike: I know.
  • Greil: Now that you're done warming up, it's time for you to face me again.
  • Ike: I was hoping you'd say that.
  • Greil: But first...Mist!
  • Mist: Right here!
  • Mist: Here you go, Ike! It's a vulnerary.
  • Mist: I'd recommend using it now, before you fight Father. Last time, he knocked you silly.
  • Greil: Always take time to heal your wounds in a battle—even small ones. By the time you think you're in trouble, it's probably too late...Don't get into that situation.

Greil is attacked Edit

  • Greil: Give it your all!

Turn ended without attacking Greil Edit

  • Greil: Get ready, Ike—here I come!

After a round of combat with Greil Edit

  • Greil: Come on, boy! You going to give me a challenge this time around?
  • Ike: ...

Greil is defeated Edit

  • Greil: Ungh...

After battle Edit

  • Mist: Ike! You were great!
  • Ike: Father, you were holding back, weren't you?
  • Mist: What? Is that true?
  • Greil: If you could tell the difference, that means you're improving.
  • Boyd: You know, I wasn't really giving it my all either...
  • Mist: That is such a lie.
  • Boyd: Bah.
  • Ike: So, Father, does that mean you finally admit that I'm ready?
  • Greil: What, to join the company? To take on a job?
  • Ike: Yeah. I mean, Boyd's already out there on the battlefield. I'm ready. I'm tired of being a trainee.
  • Boyd: Listen, the difference between you and me is that I'm a professional.
  • Mist: A professional who just got beat.
  • Boyd: That was just random chance. Random chance.
  • Greil: You've got a point, Ike... All right. Tomorrow will be your first day as a full-fledged mercenary.
  • Ike: Really?
  • Greil: But! If I think it's too much, you're back to trainee status. You'd better work hard.
  • Ike: No problem. Watch—I'll catch up to everyone in no time.
  • Greil: We'll see. We'd better be heading back to the fort. Everyone's waiting.
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