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“Count Merlon is the lord of Verge, to the east, and is one of my father's closest allegiants. His age prevented him from participating in the Balt War, but he is a loyal and honorable man liked by all of our people. My father asked Count Merlon to take the role of chancellor, but he refused, insisting that he was not worthy of such a title. He still resides in Fort Verge.”
Sasha, telling Runan about Merlon

Merlon (マーロン Māron, fan translated as Marlon) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the count of Verge and the father of Estelle. He also had a son who died in the Balt War. Five years prior to the game's events, he adopted Raffin, whose father was a friend of his.


Merlon was one of the few nobles who supported King Loffaru's decision to fight against the Zoa Empire in the Balt War. When Codha attempts to seize control of Wellt in Loffaru's absence six months later, Merlon opposes him. When Runan comes to Verge seeking aid, Merlon provides soldiers for him, and they form an alliance to stop Codha. After the liberation of Wellt's capital, he imprisons Codha to await Loffaru's judgment and hosts a banquet for Runan's army. Afterwards, he returns to Verge and resides there for the rest of the game. If Holmes has Sasha, Kate, Raffin, Estelle, Roger, or Norton in his army, he can receive aid from Merlon by visiting Verge.

If Raffin refuses to accept the Dragon Flute from Sharon after Map 10, Merlon expresses surprise at Raffin's return to Verge, thinking that he would return to his homeland of Barge instead. However, if Raffin accepts the flute, Estelle returns to Verge alone, and Merlon reminds her that she is now his only successor and therefore has more responsibilities.


Merlon is an intelligent and honorable man who deeply cares about the people of Wellt. He was once offered the position of chancellor, but refused to accept it because he believed himself to be unworthy. Despite his inability to participate in the Balt War due to his old age, he is loyal to Loffaru. He initially doubts Runan's heroism because of his young age and claims that others are simply projecting an image onto him because of the death of their "true hero," Duke Glamdr of Razelia.



Starting ClassGroup
Marlon General.png GeneralTS group armor.png Armor
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