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The Mess Hall is a gameplay element in Fire Emblem Fates.


The Mess Hall is a feature in the My Castle that allows players to cook meals for their units. Cooking is used by the player to feed food resources to units, giving them stat boosts for the duration of one battle and is done at the Mess Hall building in the player's castle. The player can select either one or two food resources, depending on the level of the Mess Hall, to be cooked into a meal by the character serving as the chef. Each ingredient will provide a boost of one point to one stat and the character serving as chef will add a "flair" to the meal, providing additional boosts, sometimes to specific units in the army. The meal will be fed to one half of the units in the player's army, providing each unit with the stat bonuses corresponding to the ingredients and flair of the meal. If the Mess Hall is upgraded to Level 3, the meal will instead be fed to everyone in the player's army.


The ingredients used in cooking are food items collected at Gathering Spots, daily interactable areas where resources can be obtained. Food can be acquired at Gathering Spots built by the player in their own castle or at Gathering Spots in other players' castles when visiting them. Food items can also be given to the player as random items by characters in the player's castle, can be won as prizes at the Lottery Shop, and can be won from betting at an Arena.

Food Items

Icon Name Stat Side
Meat Strength Conquest / Revelation
Milk Speed Conquest / Revelation
Cabbage Resistance Conquest / Revelation
Berries Magic Conquest / Revelation
Wheat Defense Conquest / Revelation
Soybeans Strength Birthright / Revelation
Fish Speed Birthright / Revelation
Daikon Resistance Birthright / Revelation
Peach Magic Birthright / Revelation
Rice Defense Birthright / Revelation


Flair is an additional stat boost that is added to the meal after being cooked. The character serving as chef has the ability to add a number of different flair effects to a meal, some depending on the character. One flair is randomly added to the meal. Some flairs only affect certain units such as female or Nohrian units.


Name Stat Units Affected Character (Most while success)
Alluring Food stats +1, random stat +1 Males Charlotte
Bitter Food stats +1 Males Ignatius
Burnt Removes all boosts All Rinkah
Chosen-y Mag +1 All Odin, Ophelia
Crisp Food stats +1 Males Leo, Kaze, Shura
Daring Str +1 All Effie, Scarlet, Hinata
Dedicated Food stats +1, random stat +2 Corrin Rhajat
Delicate Lck +1 All
Delicious Food stats +1, random stat +1 All Dwyer, Mozu, Mitama, Caeldori, Flora
Disgusting Food stats -1, random stat +1 All Setsuna
Dreamy Food stats +1, random stat +1 Males Nina
Eccentric Random stat +2 All Azama, Izana
Elegant Food stats +1 Hoshidan Kaden, Kagero, Selkie
Exquisite Food stats +1, random stat +2 All Jakob, Peri, Percy, Anna
Fanciful Food stats +1, random stat +1 Females Laslow, Forrest, Soleil
Hearty Food stats +1, random stat +1 Males Ryoma, Shiro, Fuga
Hoshidan Food stats +1, random stat +1 Hoshidan Subaki, Sakura, Yukimura
Mouthwatering Food stats +1, random stat +1 All Azura, Shigure
Nohrian Food stats +1, random stat +1 Nohrian Xander, Siegbert
Noxious All stats -1, Str/Mag +2 All Felicia, Reina
Passionate Food stats +1, random stat +1 Females Camilla
Practical Def +1 All Gunter, Kana
Prickly Str +1 Females Selena
Reckless Food stats -1, random stat +2 All Hinoka, Arthur
Revolting Food stats -2, random stat +1 All Keaton, Velouria
Salty Skill +1 All Hisame, Beruka, Hana
Saucy Random stat +1 Nohrian Niles
Simple Food stats +1, random stat +1 Children Hayato
Sophisticated Food stats +1, random stat +1 Adults Orochi, Nyx
Sour Random stat +1 Females Sophie
Spicy Skill +2 All Saizo
Standard No Boost All Silas, Takumi, Benny, Kiragi
Supersweet Lck +2 All Asugi
Sweet Lck +1 All Oboro, Elise, Midori


X None Beans Fish Daikon Peaches Rice Meat Milk Cabbage Berries Wheat
None N/A Tofu (Str +1) Sashimi (Spd +1) Pickled Daikon (Res +1) Candied Peaches (Mag +1) Rice Ball (Def +1) Steak (Str +1) Yogurt (Spd +1) Cabbage Salad (Res +1) Berry Jam (Mag +1) Bread (Def +1)
Beans Tofu (Str +1) N/A Fish Balls (Str/Spd +1) Simmered Beans (Str/Res +1) Peach Tofu Pudding (Str/Mag +1) Beans and Rice (Str/Def +1) Chili (Str +2) Creamy Bean Soup (Str/Spd +1) Bean Salad (Str/Res +1) Berry Tofu Pudding (Str/Mag +1) Bean Bread (Str/Def +1)
Fish Sashimi (Spd +1) Fish Balls (Str/Spd +1) N/A Yellowtail with Daikon (Spd/Res +1) Fish with Peach Sauce (Mag/Spd +1) Sushi (Spd/Def+1) Surf and Turf (Str/Spd +1) Poached Fish (Spd +2) Sashimi Salad (Spd/Res +1) Fish With Berry Glaze (Mag/Spd +1) Fried Fish (Spd/Def +1)
Daikon Pickled Daikon (Res +1) Simmered Beans (Str/Res +1) Yellowtail with Daikon (Spd/Res +1) N/A Peach Juice (Res/Mag +1) Fried Daikon with Rice (Def/Res +1) Beef Stew (Str/Res +1) Vegetarian Chowder (Spd/Res +1) Vegetable Salad (Res +2) Berry Juice (Res/Mag +1) Vegetable Tempura (Res/Def +1)
Peaches Candied Peaches (Mag +1) Peach Tofu Pudding (Str/Mag +1) Fish with Peach Sauce (Mag/Spd +1) Peach Juice (Res/Mag +1) N/A Peach Mochi (Mag/Def +1) Steak With Chutney (Str/Mag+1) Peach Pudding (Spd/Mag +1) Peach Smoothie (Res/Mag +1) Mixed Berry Salad (Mag +2) Peach Upside-Down Cake (Mag/Def +1)
Rice Rice Ball (Def +1) Beans and Rice (Str/Def +1) Sushi (Spd/Def+1) Fried Daikon with Rice (Def/Res +1) Peach Mochi (Mag/Def +1) N/A Beef Rice Bowl (Str/Def+1) Rice Gratin (Spd/Def +1) Cabbage Fried Rice (Res/Def +1) Berry Mochi (Mag/Def+1) Rice Bread (Def +2)
Meat Steak (Str +1) Chili (Str +2) Surf and Turf (Str/Spd +1) Beef Stew (Str/Res +1) Steak With Chutney (Str/Mag+1) Beef Rice Bowl (Str/Def+1) N/A Creamed Beef (Str/Spd +1) Cabbage Rolls (Str/Res +1) Steak With Berry Glaze (Str/Mag +1) Steak Sandwich (Str/Def +1)
Milk Yogurt (Spd +1) Creamy Bean Soup (Str/Spd +1) Poached Fish (Spd +2) Vegetarian Chowder (Spd/Res +1) Peach Pudding (Spd/Mag +1) Rice Gratin (Spd/Def +1) Creamed Beef (Str/Spd +1) N/A Tangy Coleslaw (Spd/Res +1) Berry Pudding (Spd/Mag +1) Macaroni (Spd/Def +1)
Cabbage Cabbage Salad (Res +1) Bean Salad (Str/Res +1) Sashimi Salad (Spd/Res +1) Vegetable Salad (Res +2) Peach Smoothie (Res/Mag +1) Cabbage Fried Rice (Res/Def +1) Cabbage Rolls (Str/Res +1) Tangy Coleslaw (Spd/Res +1) N/A Berry Smoothie (Res/Mag +1) Cabbage Strudel (Res/Def +1)
Berries Berry Jam (Mag +1) Berry Tofu Pudding (Str/Mag +1) Fish With Berry Glaze (Mag/Spd +1) Berry Juice (Res/Mag +1) Mixed Berry Salad (Mag +2) Berry Mochi (Mag/Def+1) Steak With Berry Glaze (Str/Mag +1) Berry Pudding (Spd/Mag +1) Berry Smoothie (Res/Mag +1) N/A Berry Tart (Mag/Def +1)
Wheat Bread (Def +1) Bean Bread (Str/Def +1) Fried Fish (Spd/Def +1) Vegetable Tempura (Res/Def +1) Peach Upside-Down Cake (Mag/Def +1) Rice Bread (Def +2) Steak Sandwich (Str/Def +1) Macaroni (Spd/Def +1) Cabbage Strudel (Res/Def +1) Berry Tart (Mag/Def +1) N/A