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Metis's Tome (メティスの書 Metisu no sho) is a unique item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Although no clear description is given, when used Metis's Tome will boost the Growth Rate of all its user's stats by 5%, and is most useful when utilized on low-level units like Myrrh or the Trainee characters.

In The Blazing Blade, Afa's Drops, an item whose functionality resembles that of Metis's Tome, is available for acquisition.

Item Information[]

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Metisstome.gif Metis's Tome 1 - Permanently increases the growth rates of all its user's stats by 5%.

The item description reads, "Give this to a unit you like."

On the Help Window it reads, "Gives a little treat to the unit that uses it."

When used it reads, "Maturity increased."

Item Location[]

Method Location
Treasure Ch. 15 - Hidden in the sand.

A villager in a House west of the desert will hint on its existence.


In Greek mythology, Metis, whose name means 'wisdom,' was a titaness and the subject of one of Zeus' many love affairs. When Metis became pregnant, Zeus heard a prophecy that if Metis gave birth to a son, the child would be more powerful than Zeus. Zeus swallowed Metis as a result, who then gave birth to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, inside Zeus's head. Zeus, suffering a headache, asked Hephasteus, the god of the forge, to hammer open his head. Athena sprang out, fully grown and clothed with her armor.