“I'm told it's fine to kill those who resist. Now then, how shall I cook you?”

Metodey is a character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a commander of the Adrestian Empire.


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"Just a minute! The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it?"

Metodey appears leading a force of Imperial soldiers after Archbishop Rhea, Byleth, and students from the Officers Academy enter the Goddess's Holy Tomb beneath Garreg Mach Monastery. Under orders from Edelgard, he and his troops had been tracking the group to learn the tomb's location. Metodey's men plunder the Crest Stones from the graves and attempt to flee with them, but are forced to fight Byleth and the students. Metodey is ruthless in following his orders and appears to take pleasure in killing, but when fatally wounded himself, he expresses only surprise and fear.

"End of spoilers. It's a pleasure doing business with you!"

In Game

Base Stats

Starting ClassCrest
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
--Heartseeker FE16Heartseeker
Swordfaire FE16Swordfaire
Locktouch FE16Locktouch
Stealth FE16Stealth
Poison Strike FE16Poison Strike
Defiant Spd FE16Defiant Speed
Resistance+2Resistance +2
FE16 Sword Weapon IconVenin Edge
Skill Levels
Skill FE16 sword icon FE16 lance icon FE16 axe icon FE16 bow icon FE16 brawl icon FE16 reason icon FE16 faith icon FE16 authority icon FE16 heavy armor icon FE16 riding icon FE16 flying icon
Level B E E C E E E B E E E



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