My Castle Edit

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "Wow! I feel wonderful. I'm sure I can put this power to good use!" (surge)
  • "I've been trying my hardest with weapons. I'm not just about medicine, you know!" (weapon exp)
  • "Um, what's this? I'd turn it in to the lost and found, but there isn't one. So, take it!" (found item)
  • "Hmm. I'm curious about accessories. Do you think I could wear one?" (accessory gift ask)
    • "What a great present! I'll have to brew up something special for you in return!" (accessory gift given, loved)
    • "Thanks so much! I promise to make good use of it." (accessory gift given, liked)
    • "You remembered my birthday? I can't tell you how much this means to me!" (friendship birthday present)
    • "It's great to celebrate my birthday with you, Corrin! Hearts and kisses!" (married birthday present)
    • "Wh-what is this? I don't think I could make medicine form it." (Bath Towel accessory gift given)
  • "You're wearing yourself out, being such a hero. Keep my medicine in mind, OK?" (idle)
  • "I'm keeping an eye on you. I want you to feel your best at all times!" (idle)
  • "You're always doing something that puts a big smile on my face!" (idle)
  • "I found herbs in the wild! So I'm hoping to mash them into medical mush." (idle)
  • "I'm brushing up on my medicine skills for our next battle. Better safe than sorry!" (idle)
  • "Wow, a visitor! What brings you here? Whatever it is, we're a welcoming bunch!" (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "Um, give a shout if you want help in the next battle. I'll come running." (team up)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "I'd love to team up! That way if you're hurt, I'll have you feeling better in a jiffy." (team up)
  • "I collect herbs to make medicine. Everywhere and anywhere!" (hobby)

Asking - Parent Edit

  • "I'm glad we can spend even this much time together!" (spending time)

Replying - Parent Edit

  • "Oh, yes! I feel just the same. So very happy to be here with you!" (spending time)
  • "A basket to help me gather herbs would be great!" (gift)

Asking - Married Edit

Replying - Married Edit

Asking - Child Edit

Replying - Child Edit

Private Quarters Edit

“My two favorite people! I picked some fragrant herbs for you... Wanna smell?”
—Invite ally entrance quote to Corrin and their spouse
“Did you want to try this new medicine I made? No? Oh, you just wanted to chat...”
—Invite ally entrance quote
“Lemme know if you ever feel sick. I'll mix you up some medicine!”
—Invite ally bond quote
“If your hands get icky from battle, I'll fix'em up fast!”
—Invite ally bond quote
“I always feel happy near you, you're great medicine!”
—Invite ally bond quote
“I was sorta lonely where I grew up. There just wasn't anybody to talk to there - I'm so grateful you came along!”
—Friendship rank up quote
“Are you all right, Corrin? Your adventures didn't wear you out, did they?”
—Entrance (lovers)
“Ah, hello there! I've been busy making some new medicines while you were gone.”
—Entrance (lovers)
“Welcome home! I didn't touch any of your things, just like you asked.”
—Entrance (lovers)
“I love being here with you. Will you let me stay for just a few more minutes? Please?!”
“I love being with you, you're even better than a best friend!”
—Lover's bond quote
“I hope I can keep you healthy no matter what happens!”
—Lover's bond quote
“Mmm? Only a quick peck alright?... Hey! That was two pecks!”
—Kiss quote
“You've such googly eyes for me! I wonder if I gave you a love potion by accident, but if I did... I drank it too.”
—Lover rank up quote

Armory Edit

“I don't know all that much about weapons, but I'll do what I can to help you!”
—When entering the shop
“Any potent medicines in stock today?”
—When buying something for her
“Parting is such sweet sorrow...”
—When selling her items

Goods Edit

“If you have any questions about our potions, just ask. They're my specialty!”
—Entering the Staff Shop
“Do I have time to shop while I'm working?”
—Purchasing an item for Midori while she is the shopkeeper
“You want me to sell my own goods? I'll be fair.”
—Selling an item from Midori when she is the shopkeeper
“Are you all taken care of? If there's something else, let me know!”

Smithy Edit

“No time to rest! I've got to work making you stronger weapons!”
—When entering the smithy
“I'll try to make a weapon as good as my potions!”
—When forging her weapons while she's on duty
“Let's forge ourselves into the best we can be!”
—When forging her weapons

Lottery Shop Edit

“I'm managing the shop today. I love seeing what everyone wins!”
—When entering the lottery
“You hit the jackpot? I'm so happy for you!”
—Getting a gold ball
“You won something great! Yay, I'm so happy for you.”
—When winning the silver ball
“Aw, that's it? Too bad. I feel like it's my fault somehow.”
—When winning the wooden ball

Arena Edit

“I don't know if fighting here is a great idea. Will you bring me medicine if I get hurt?”
—When entering the arena
“Midori's here to help! There's no way I'm gonna let you get hurt.”
—When assisting another character
“Wasn't sure which way that would go!”
“I should go rub some medicine on these cuts right away.”

Accessory Shop Edit

“The shop almost feels like a museum. Everything is so pretty!”
—When entering the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“Cooking is similar to mixing medicines. Hopefully I can make something delicious.”
—Entering the Mess Hall
“Time to get cooking!”
—Before cooking
“Cooking is like making medicine. But this will taste better, not bitter.”
—After successful cooking
“I think I made a mess of this. I hope it won't cause a stomachache.”
—After unsuccessful cooking
“I think this dish is delish! Compliments to the chef!”
—After eating good food
“It's tasty for sure. And I wouldn't say no to more of it.”
—After eating decent food
“Could I be excused, please? I apologize...”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“I have to keep my eye on the prison. It's a little scary, but I'll do the best that I can!”
—When entering the prison
“What if I make some special medicine for them instead? Or I can try talking to them.”
—Attempting to persuade a prisoner
“Are you taken care of? If there's something else, let me know!”
—When leaving the prison

Hot Spring Edit

“The baths are great for sore muscles, hypertension, and bruises.”
—Conversing in the hot spring
“I love a nice bath. It's almost as good for you as my medicine!”
—Conversing in the hot spring
“Is something wrong? Do you need medical help? I'll be out in a jiffy!”
—When entering as the male Corrin (unmarried)
“Heehee... This is a little embarrassing, but a little exciting, too!”
—When entering as the male Corrin (spouse)
“Is that it? Haha, I'll never have to worry about catching cold with you.”
—Responding to the male Corrin (spouse)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“Here! Take a magical card! These ones are super powerful!”
—When entering the shop.

Gathering Spots Edit

“You know what's good? Rice porridge! It's easy to get down if you're feeling sick.”
—Spoken to at the rice field
“I wonder if soybeans are the missing ingredient in my medicines...”
—Spoken to at the bean field
“Fruits aren’t just good, they’re good for you! They help prevent colds, you know.”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“Herbs and vegetables sometimes look alike, but I can always tell the difference!”
—Spoken to at a daikon/cabbage tile
“I just got some meat! And herbs! Want some? The meat, I mean. Not the herbs.”
—Spoken to at a hunting forest
“Cow's milk is nutritious in ways that herbs aren't!”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“I helped harvest wheat! Who knew it could be so educational?”
—Spoken to at a wheat field
“What properties does this ore have, I wonder. How intriguing.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“I found some ore today. But what is the name of that stone there?”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I can't make any medicine from this ore. Perhaps you can put it to good use!”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“I found some really amazing ore! I think I'll share some with Father...”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Aren't you just in love with the food we have here? I am. Here, take some!”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Nice to meet you! Here, take this ore. I'm sure you'll find it useful.”
—Spoken to at a mine (visiting another castle)

Corrin's Birthday Edit

  • "Happy birthday! Didn't think I'd know, did you? Congratulations!" (friendship)

Level UpEdit

  • "Now I can really do my part to help!" (6+ stats up)
  • "I did it! All my hard work paid off!" (4-5 stats up)
  • "Yay! I worked really hard for that." (2-3 stats up)
  • "I've got to work harder next time." (0-1 stats up)
  • "I guess Midori is at her strongest." (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "Midori really can do anything!"

Confession Edit

“True love is so sweet! Like the sweetest thing ever! Except maybe a box of chocolate!”
—Midori's confession quote

Roster Edit

Kaze's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Bright, enthusiastic, and well mannered, she enjoys inventing and brewing medicines in her free time. Has the sharpest sense of taste in the army. Born on 5/17.

Help Description Edit

Kaze's daughter. A model student, she loves to research and brew medicines.

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) and Endgame (Conquest) Edit

“Don't give up! Hang on, and I'll whip up some medicine for you!”
—Midori's final chapter quote.

DLC Pre-Battle QuotesEdit

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“I've gotta hang in there, even if I'm scared... Who knows - parts of these monsters might make for good medicine!”
—Midori's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“Everyone is SO tired, but no one will try my energy drink! Hmph! It doesn't smell THAT bad. Besides, all that worm juice is full of protein!”
—Midori's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“Hey! How about we trade some medicine for that weapon of yours? Wh-what do you mean, you don't want no dumb kid's medicine? You meanie!”
—Midori's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Pre-Battle Edit

“Excuse me, but did you realize how many rare plants are found here? Herbs that only bloom in cold climates, flowers that thrive in rocky soil... You should be selling these instead of resorting to thievery! Though I guess if that were possible, you'd be doing it already.”
—Midori's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "Mighty Midori!"
  • "Who's scared? Not me!"
  • "Crossing my fingers!"
  • "And here's Midori!"
  • "Midori can do this!"
  • "Are we ready?"
  • "Here's hoping we win!"
  • "Now I'm in the mix!"
  • "I'll cover you!"

Attack Stance Edit

  • "I'll give it a go!"
  • "I'll nip this in the bud!"
  • "Midori special!"

Guard Stance Edit

  • "Wh-what are you doing?!"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Be nice!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "Here's a bitter pill!"
  • "My diagnosis? You're done!"
  • "This might sting a little!"
  • "Take your medicine!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Glad that's over!"
  • "Please hold your applause until the end!"
  • "Got to be my best!"
  • "Don't count Midori out!"
  • *giggles*
  • "Aced that one!"
  • *sighs*

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • "Aaamazing!"
  • "I owe ya one!"
  • "Thanks a bunch!"
  • *giggles*

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • "But I hard...."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Oops... they got me good. I'll just sit back and let you all handle the rest.”
—Midori's quote in III: The Changing Tide
“One too many...wounds. Must retreat to whip up some medicine...”
—Midori's retreat quote (casual)
“Guess I should have made...better medicines...”
—Midori's death quote (classic)
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