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“I am Mikhail, cantor of the Duma Faithful. I have come to teach Duma's Greatness to the fools who cling to Mila's lies. Now, rue your ignorance from inside the bellies of my gargoyles!”

Mikhail is an enemy boss character in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He is a priest of the Duma Faithful who guards the Temple of Mila. He uses Conjure to summon powerful gargoyles.


Mikhail makes his sole appearance as Celica's final boss encounter during War of Deliverance. He threatens Celica's party with his force of arcanists, snipers, and his horde of gargoyle terrors, but in spite of his power he is ultimately defeated by the priestess' group. His defeat enables Celica as the renewed Princess Anthiese to have the sluice gate near Mila's Temple lowered, which in turn allows Alm's group to be able to lower their own sluice gate following Tatarrah's demise.


As expected of a minor boss, Mikhail's personality is elaborated upon none whatsoever, but he is not without the typical haughtiness and cruelty that many others of his kind possess in Gaiden/Echoes. A devout follower of the Duma Faithful, death does nothing to sour Mikhail's nature, claiming that his death will do Celica's party no good to change their fate.




Starting Class
MagicStarting Items

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia[]

Starting Class
MagicStarting Items
Echoes white magic iconConjure
Echoes black magic iconMire
Golden mark iconGold Mark


“Hmph... Ignorant, slothful heathens. Serving as food for my beasts is an honor greater than you deserve!”
—Mikhail's battle quote.
“Heh... Killing me changes not your fate... It changes...nothing... Heh heh heeeeeh...”
—Mikhail's death quote.


Mikhail (Михаил) is the Russian and Bulgarian equivalent of Michael, which means "who is like God?".


  • Despite having a portrait, Mikhail does not have a unique model of his own and uses the generic Cantor's instead, and even includes the beard. This is similar to Tatarrah with the Arcanist class in Alm's route, who is fought on the west end of the gate, and has the same thing applied to him.
    • However, he has a few unique animations of his own despite using the generic Cantor's model.


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