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“So, you think you can take the lance from me, huh? I'll kill you... I'll kill every last one of you!”
—Miklan's Boss Quote

Miklan is a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the eldest son of the Margraviate of Gautier, and Sylvain's older half-brother. However, since he lacked a Crest and badly abused Sylvain due to resentment, he was disinherited as heir in favor of Sylvain in Imperial Year 1177.


Born to House Gautier, Miklan was the eldest and only child of Margrave Matthias Raoul Gautier and his first wife, an Adrestian noblewoman. When Miklan was a child, his mother was killed in a Sreng raid along with the second child she was carrying. His father remarried another woman who gave birth to his younger half-brother, Sylvain.

While he was destined to become head of the house, Miklan's dreams were dashed when it turned out that he was born without a Crest while Sylvain was the one to inherit it, becoming its eventual heir. Losing his birthright to the whims of fate that denied him a Crest, Miklan was resentful towards Sylvain, and attempted to kill him a variety of times while the latter was young, with one of those instances involved pushing Sylvain down a well and leaving him there.

Spiteful of his former family, Miklan soon became leader of a bandit gang, pillaging villages and destroying them with sadistic glee while trying to claim power no matter the method.

Three Houses[]

Academy Phase[]

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Still vengeful against his family, in Imperial Year 1180, Miklan led his bandit gang to the Gautier mansion where he stole the family heirloom, the Lance of Ruin. As fate would have it, the Officers Academy dispatched the students of Garreg Mach Monastery to reclaim the lance. His bandits attempted to stop them from reclaiming the lance, but ultimately they push through and initially defeat him. Determined to keep the lance, he attempts to draw out the lance’s full power, but lacking a Crest, the lance goes haywire and malevolent energy surrounds Miklan, transforming him into a hideous monster which promptly attacks the students. After an arduous battle, the beast is slain and dispelled, leaving behind only the body of Miklan and the Lance of Ruin. The students later reclaim the lance and returns it home, leaving the former noble’s body behind.

Sylvain's Paralogue deals with the remaining gang, who stay united as they plunder villages because of their desperation. One bandit still refers to Miklan as boss in a conversation with Sylvain, showing some still respected him.

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Warriors: Three Hopes[]

Azure Gleam[]

When the Kingdom engages Lonato, they are unexpectedly assisted by Miklan. Dimitri later explains that he had Miklan captured two years prior at his request. However, instead of jailing him, Dimitri decided him to make use of his combat skills and makes him a commander of a small military force for Faerghus in the hopes of redeeming him and proving that people without Crests could be just as capable as people with them, with the caveat that he will be executed on the spot if he goes rogue. While still holding onto his bitterness, he nonetheless becomes an asset to the Kingdom. He is then assigned to guard Arianrhod. He later dies at Gwendal's hands during the siege of Arianrhod, with the latter acknowledging him as a worthy opponent afterwards, calling him "Sir Miklan" instead of "whelp" as he did earlier during their battle.


Miklan is a vengeful and petty man, fueled by his disdain of his family who denied him of his birthright when he lacked a crest while his younger brother did. He primarily blames Sylvain for the disinheritance, believing that he stole his birthright, and tried to kill him several times when they were young. He refuses to show any remorse towards abusing Sylvain to the point of nearly killing him at times, and was a sadist who destroyed and pillaged for pleasure as Dimitri will attest.

Despite this, Miklan has shown himself to be a capable leader, as Edelgard states that she was impressed by his capability to lead, and showed pity after his death. Three Hopes similarly demonstrates that despite Miklan's poor life choices, with the right drive and a second chance, he is capable of utilizing his abilities for the greater good.


Boss Stats[]

Tower of Black Winds (First Phase)[]

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Enemy Deals 1 to No Damage or Misses[]


Damage Taken[]


Gambit Boost[]

Triangle Attack[]

Ally Heals or Rallies[]

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL4 377 CYL Miklan Portrait
Three Houses
CYL5 320
CYL Miklan Portrait
Three Houses
CYL6 336
CYL Miklan Portrait
Three Houses
CYL7 258
CYL Miklan Portrait
Three Houses

CYL8 282
CYL Miklan Portrait
Three Houses


Miklan is an Old Norse word meaning "increase" or "greatness". Anschutz or Anschütz is a German surname. Gautier is a French name, the French form of "Walter".


  • Miklan shares his English voice actor, Armen Taylor, with Ranulf as he appears in Heroes.
  • Miklan's personal coat of arms consists of the Crest of Gautier in the upper half, the Lance of Ruin in the lower half, and a skull with mouth agape in the center.
  • Miklan has Imperial blood through his mother, who according to Sylvain was an Imperial noble prior to marrying Matthias. She was killed in a Sreng raid, and was seemingly pregnant at the time of her murder.
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  • Zooming in on the Black Beast's battle model will show its Crest Stone beneath its forehead horn, with the text "Death" and "XIII" engraved on it.
  • The design of the Black Beast bears a resemblance to Garon's Blight Dragon form in Birthright in Fates.
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