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Miloah was a Pontifex of Archanea, as well as a student of Gotoh along with Gharnef.


He was picked by Gotoh to wield the powerful Aura spell over Gharnef, due to the latter lacking a caring heart. Miloah defended Archanea with his Aura magic and became famous. Gharnef, out of jealousy, stole the Darksphere from Gotoh and created Imhullu spell as well as revived the Dolhr Empire in order to destroy the world. Miloah defended Archanea and entered into battle with Gharnef, but as Imhullu's protection cannot be broken by Aura, Miloah was killed in the battle.

Miloah's daughter, Linde, was then targeted by Gharnef and his men, so she went into hiding to escape. Miloah had been exceptionally close with his daughter, being her friend and teacher, and passed her his skill with the Aura spell.


Miloah's Japanese name "Miroir" is French for Mirror.


  • In Shadow Dragon, Aura is a tome usable by only females. Linde can use it immediately when other female units have to acquire a high weapon level to wield it. This completely disregards the fact that Miloah was indeed male, Linde could use the spell in past games due to her inherited skill, and Gotoh's binding contract. New Mystery of the Emblem explains this in a conversation between Merric and Linde by saying that Aura's creator allowed Miloah and women to use it.
  • It is also said by Tharja in her support with Linde in Fire Emblem Warriors that the tome is filled with the desire to keep Linde safe. Additionally, Linde explains to Tharja that in order to keep Aura out of the wrong hands, he had enchanted it so that only women could wield it.