Bound Hero Battle Edit

  • "Are you sure about this, Maria? Practice though it may be, I'm not comfortable putting you in danger..." (Intro with Maria)

Tap Battle Edit

  • "On my honor as a knight of Macedon, I promise you a fair fight!"


  • "I am Minerva, Princess of Macedon. I will never hesitate in my duty. Ask- and it will be done."


  • "My brother Michalis and I each made our own choices... I had to execute him with my own hands."
  • "These days I am known as the Red Dragoon... In better days I rode an adorable pegasus..."
  • "In these moments of quiet, I sometimes reflect on bygone days with my siblings..."
  • "I believe Prince Alfonse will be a fine king. He reminds me of Prince Marth in a way."
  • "An acquaintance of yours bid me come wish you well. Who? It was Friend." (Greeting from friend)
  • "I do not have what is required of a ruler. During my time ruling in place of my brother... I have allowed rebellion, been captured, and displayed my own powerlessness and disgrace. Perhaps I could better rule with a tactician like you at my side... You have a unique quality about you—you make me feel as if... I still have much I can accomplish. Thank you for that. I swear to not give up and to look to the future." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info ScreenEdit

  • "I shall never ascend the throne. I do not have the capacity to rule."
  • "I remember days of light and laughter."
  • *laugh*
  • "Hm? Did you need something?"
  • "Let us restore peace to the people of this world together."
  • "I will fight with honor, if not pride."
  • "Anytime you wish to speak, do not hesitate."
  • "Is that how you greet people in your homeland?"


  • "Yes?"
  • "Orders?"
  • "Onward."

Level UpEdit

  • "Witness the fearsome power of the Red Dragoon!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "So...I had not reached my full potential..." (3-4 stats up)
  • "Michalis was always a step ahead. I cannot compare..." (1-2 stats up)
  • "You have my gratitude. I will show it by my victories." (New skill learned)


  • "Face me coward."
  • "I will end this swiftly!"
  • "Make peace with your gods!"
  • "You poor fool!"


  • "Unworthy."
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