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“An absurdly small lance.”
—In-game description

The Miniature Lance (極小の槍 Kyokushō no yari, lit. Tiny Lance) is a special Lance from Fire Emblem Awakening.

The Miniature lance is analogous to the Imposing Axe, with the former being the smallest lance and the latter the largest axe.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Miniature Lance FE13.png Miniature Lance

LanceIconFE13.png Lance

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
D 10 1 55% 35% 1-2 ? 650


Item Locations

Method Location
Treasure Event TilesBarracks


  • The Miniature Lance's base Accuracy is the lowest of all Lance weapons.
  • The Miniature Lance is the only weapon in the game with a Might of 1 to be a non-magic ranged weapon.
    • It is also the only weapon with such Might that has an increased Critical Rate that sits at 35%, which is ironically slightly higher than the Killer weapons.
  • Bizarrely, the lance's in game model doesn't resemble its concept art at all. If anything the lance resembles different designs of a Slim Lance or a Short Spear.