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Not to be confused with Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, Mirage

The Mirage (真実の泉 Shinjitsu no izumi, lit. Fountain of Truth) is an enemy-only class that is exclusive to Fire Emblem Awakening. Appearing only in Paralogue 22, Mirages do not possess any unique powers of their own, instead drawing upon the strengths of the individual units that they emulate in order to determine the prowess that they display in battle.



Mirages will copy Player Units deployed at the beginning of the chapter. They will replicate all stats, current classes and skills (including DLC skills), but will neither copy Weapon Ranks nor equipment and items. Tagged with standardised B ranks in weapon mastery, these Mirages are outfitted with weapons that include Silver weapons, Spears, Tomahawks, Thorons, Bolganones, Rexcaliburs, Longbows, Physic Staves and Recover Staves. On harder difficulties, these weapons are forged. They will physically replicate each unit's current appearance based on their class and voice. If there are less characters than there are Mirages, the remaining Mirages will cycle through Chrom's army again and copy them in the same order, leading to duplicates of the same character.

In the preparation screen, before Mirages copy the player characters, they are observed to boast only one HP, while all their other stats are null, and represented by a shadowy silhouette. Their character status screen indicates an option for the player to view their battle models, but attempting to do so will yield no results.