My Castle Edit

“Is that everything? / It's my duty to serve you / But I'd like to sleep.”
—Before leaving anywhere she's working

Castle Grounds Edit

Alone Edit

  • "Change is so easy / Just add an accessory / But which one to wear?" (accessory gift)
    • "My arms cannot thank you enough, and must rely on my poor tongue." (accessory gift loved)
    • "Lightning flashes across the sky, and an unexpected gift lifts my heart. Thank you." (accessory gift liked)
    • "A gift unwanted. / A fabricated proverb: / It's the thought that counts." (accessory gift: bath towel)
    • "Birthdays, like birth itself, often come unexpectedly. Your vigilance is appreciated." (friendship birthday gift)
    • "True love's gift flows from one heart to the other like a stream. Thank you." (birthday gift, married)
    • "After careful thought / Consistency isn't bad / I'll remain for now." (accessory gift denied)
  • "An odd happenstance / Something lies before my feet / I pass it to you." (item)
  • "I feel so lucky / No enemy can stop me / Send me to the front." (surge)
  • "Weapon held ready / I know when it was last cleaned / Can they say the same?" (weapon proficiency)
  • "Your sudden greetings / Will rapidly turn into / Your sudden farewells." (idle)
  • "With weapon ready / I look forward to battle / You can count on me." (idle)
  • "Time flows slowly now / I can't express my boredom / Things need to happen." (idle)
  • "I'm so grateful for all you do, I can't even come up with a haiku to express it." (idle)
  • "Don't forget to rest / Exhausted, battles are lost / We rely on you." (idle)
  • "Make yourself at home, traveler." (visiting another castle)

Asking - Normal Edit

  • "A battle soon looms / We are far weaker as two / Fight with me as one?" (team up)
  • "Spare time on your hands? / Tell me how do you spend it? / I really must know!" (hobby)

Replying - Normal Edit

  • "Ah, togetherness! / Like two halves of an oyster / Impenetrable." (team up)
  • "I write my haiku. / I put you all into poems. / As I am right now." (hobby)

Asking - Parent Edit

  • "I felt lonely growing up. I'm glad that we're making up for lost time now." (spending time)

Replying - Parent Edit

  • "Some more paper for my poetry would be a wonderful gift." (gift)
  • "A parent's true love / Words do not do it justice / They mean much to hear." (spending time)

Asking - Married Edit

  • "When the earth recedes back into the seas, our love will endure." (love)
  • "I'll write a haiku about your safe return." (promise)

Replying - Married Edit

  • "Our lives belong to one another. I will protect mine for your sake." (promise)

Asking - Child Edit

Replying - Child Edit

Private Quarters Edit


  • "You summon me here / For some poetry lessons. / Too bad you're hopeless." (Invite)
  • "You're quite a prankster. / Playing a joke on someone? / Better not be me...OR ELSE!" (Invite)
  • "Every poet longs / To inspect the heart of love. / Let me get up close." (Invite, Married Corrin)

Lovers Edit

  • "When I am with you / The minutes and hours fade... / Time comes to a stop." (Entrance)
  • "Oh, you're here! I wrote another poem while you were gone." (Entrance)
  • "Finally! You're here. I got so lovesick today, I couldn't even put pen to paper." (Entrance)
  • "I slumber softly. / My lover comes to greet me. / Wake up, dreamy one." (Awakening, Good)
  • "O gentle slumber... / Ended too soon. Thanks to you... / I am awake now." (Awakening, Bad)
  • "I welcome you home... / Cheeks all pink... but it's the bath. / It's not what you think! (Cool Down, Entrance)
  • "I'm in ecstasy! That gentle breeze caresses. / What magic is this?" (Cool Down, Good)
  • "Time speeds by quickly / Whenever I am with you. / Throw away the clock!" (Exit)
“How very tranquil it is here. I wish the world was the same.”
—Mitama's Friendship Bonding quote
“I like it here---it's so utterly relaxing.”
—Mitama's Friendship Bonding quote
“You know...this room has inspired my best haiku.”
—Mitama's Friendship Bonding quote
“You inspire me! Might I hear another poem from you someday?”
—Mitama's Friendship Rank Up Quote quote
“I love sleep and poetry but you I adore with all my heart.”
—Mitama's Lover Bonding quote
“Here is the haiku I wrote for us! Ehem! Our flower grew here / Away from the field of war / In this room of bloom. ”
—Mitama's Lover Bonding quote
“This moment is the stuff of poetry... The sweetest sort.”
—Mitama's Kiss quote
“Our love is too great to fill a haiku but I have to try. Ehem! War may come and go / Foes and friends crumble to dust / We are eternal.”
—Mitama's Lover Rank Up Quote quote

Armory Edit

“Want a new weapon? / Then buy what you want, then leave / For I need my sleep.”
—When entering the shop
“Tragic! There's no writing paper for sale.”
—Purchasing equipment for Mitama
“Shop for me if you want. I see no problem.”
—Purchasing equipment for Mitama when she's on duty
“All I really need are my haiku materials.”
—Selling Mitama's equipment
“I'll be both merchant and customer today!”
—Selling Mitama's equipment when she's on duty

Goods Edit

“Care for some items? / Stock up for a rainy day. / It pours tomorrow.”
—When entering the shop

Smithy Edit

“Can you forge me a new brush and paper?”
—When forging one of her weapons

Lottery Shop Edit

“Tempting fate like this? / Is it such a good idea? / Best of luck to you!”
—When entering the shop
“Fortune favored you... / And now you shall claim your prize. / The jackpot is yours!”
—Getting a gold ball
“Good fortune for you / Yet still not the big jackpot / Perhaps tomorrow.”
—Getting a silver ball
“Bad fortune for you / Brighter future tomorrow / Or so we can hope.”
—When winning the wooden ball

Arena Edit

“Fame awaits the great / Failure comes for all others / Crowds win either way.”
—When entering the arena
“Oh, sweet victory! / The applause of the masses! / Such loud poetry!”

Accessory Shop Edit

“Want a fresher style? / Or to be a whole new you? / Try accessories!”
—When entering the shop

Mess Hall Edit

“Poetry is food / But I can't feed you my words / I will cook my best.”
—Enter Mess Hall
“I'll cook you a dish / I'm best with words on paper / But the kitchen calls!”
—Start Cooking
“Gourmet cook? Not me! / I have better thing to do. / ...Still a girl must eat!”
—Successful Cooking
“Master chef? I'm not. / Every dish--a work of art? / Who's got time for that?!”
—After unsuccessful cooking
“Very delicious! / The chief is so ambitious! / Is it nutritious?”
—After eating good food
“This tastes fine, but I wouldn't write a poem about it.”
—After eating decent food
“How to describe this? / Words fail as these flavors flail / Take this dish away!”
—After eating bad food

Prison Edit

“Oh, prison duty / A clammy hand on my soul! / But I've time to write.”
—When entering the prison
“A poet, persuade? / I have a way with my words. / Only in haiku.”
—Before persuading a prisoner.

Hot Springs Edit

“Blue blood boils red / Observe the noble lobster / Learn from its mistake.”
—When entering as Female Corrin
“Water's warm embrace / I sit still on the flat rock / Heaven is a bath.”
—In reply to the Female Corrin
“Visit to the springs / Time melts in the hot water / Faster still with you.”
—Joining the Female Corrin
“Ring the alarm bell / A man intrudes on my bath / He'll regret his crime!”
—When entering as the Male Corrin (unmarried)
“Bath in the hot springs / Usually meant for repose / But you're welcome too.”
—When entering as the Male Corrin (spouse)
“Precious memories / Hours spent in the warm baths / Alone, save for you.”
—Responding to the Male Corrin (spouse)

Einherjar Shop Edit

“Could I meet myself? / A Mitama Einherjar? / Oh, what a mouthful!”
—When entering her shop

Gathering Spots Edit

“Whether dried or raw / Fruit is one of life’s great joys / It’s also good poached.”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“Cooking vegetables / Many ways to prepare them / Paralyzed by choice...”
—Spoken to at a daikon/cabbage tile
“Hunter meets a boar / Woods are host to their struggle / This is the outcome.”
—Spoken to at a hunting forest
“Fresh-harvested rice / Pickled plum placed over it / Heaven in a bowl...”
—Spoken to at a rice paddy
“Sing an ode to soy / Delicious, compact, and round / Cutest of the beans.”
—Spoken to at a bean field
“Milking is an art / Subtle play of squeeze and pull / Some cows get mad fast...”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“Picking up ore is no simple task... And now my sleeves are totally soaked.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“The glimmer of ore refracting from the water is the very picture of beauty.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“I've thought up some of my finest poems here. Oh, and I found some shiny ore too...”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“Use the ore I mined / To make strong weapons, and please / Give one to Father.”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Digging steadily / To produce some lovely ore / Such tiresome work...”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Have you considered the nature of ore? It leads people here—like a morning star.”
—Spoken to at the mine (visiting another castle)

Level UpEdit

  • "Only my pen is mightier than me." (6+ stats up)
  • "I need not strength—sleep is what I crave." (4-5 stats up)
  • "Slightly improved, I blush to smile." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Experienced much, I have gained nothing." (0-1 stat up)
  • "All is borderedeven my strength." (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

"Great change is always sealed away."

Confession Edit

“How can it be that at the happiest moment of my life, I cannot think of a haiku? Oh, well, you know I love you, right?”

Roster Edit

Azama's daughter, raised in the Deeprealms. Finds her father a bit annoying, though she inherited his acerbic wit. Loves to sleep and write poetry. Thinks more about the sky than anyone. Born on 6/26.

Help Description Edit

“Azama's daughter. Loves sleep and poetry in equal measure.”

Final Chapter Edit

Endgame (Birthright) Edit

“The flame of life burns/ Truly, your soul... / Awaken, my friend!”
—Mitama's final chapter quote.

Endgame (Conquest) (unused)Edit

“The flame of life burns truly, deeply…within a soul at the crossroads of death. Awaken!”
—Mitama's final chapter quote.

DLC Pre-Battle Edit

Boo Camp Pre-Battle Edit

“Rumors of a ghost/ Up the shadowed mountain path / I test my courage. Poetic, but inaccurate. This mountain is too beautiful for that purpose. I should have stayed at home in bed rather than desecrate this peak...”
—Mitama's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly Gold Pre-Battle Edit

“Stay awake all night?! / O what a terrible plan! / Sleep over treasure! I KNOW it's not my best poem, but you try being inspired at 4 in the morning!”
—Mitama's pre-battle quote.

Museum Melee Pre-Battle Edit

“I've no interest / In your weapons or your things / I want to go home. But I have been roused from my slumber, and now SOMEONE must pay.”
—Mitama's pre-battle quote.

Anna on the Run Pre-Battle Edit

“Mirrors on all sides / Surrounded by reflections / Which of them is me? I would never want to live with so many people indistinguishable from myself. I prefer to see myself exclusively in mirrors. Or in dreams...”
—Mitama's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual Support Edit

  • "Fortune smiles!"
  • "I will be your support"
  • "Victory is preordained!"
  • "I'm sleepy..."
  • "Again...?"
  • "Hmm?"
  • "Trouble rarely travels alone."
  • "Can you do this one?"
  • "I will observe from here."
  • "Starcrossed..."

Dual Strike Edit

  • "You woke me for this?!"

Dual GuardEdit

  • "Writer's block!"
  • "Dodge next time, hmm?"
  • "A seal of hopes and dreams!"

Critical/Skill Edit

  • "The pen is mightiest of all!"
  • "Death comes for us all!"
  • "Nap time!"
  • "Reflect on this!"

Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "The journey home begins."
  • "Back to sleep now..."
  • "Whew..."
  • "Victory shines like the stars."
  • "I am richer for the experience!"
  • "I'll write an epic about this!"

Partner Defeated Enemy/When Healed Edit

  • "Your courage inspires me."
  • "So sleepy..."

Defeated by Enemy Edit

  • Ahh... Sleep at last...

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Though I posed no threat / Their attacks were relentless / I must now fall back.”
—Mitama's quote in I: In Endless Dreams
“Curse the fog of war / How did I not see that blow? / Now I must retreat...”
—Mitama's quote in V: Endless Dawn
“Everyone dies... Death comes for us all someday... There's no need to fear... I only wish... I could have seen... how it ended for you all...”
—Mitama's quote in End: Lost in the Waves
“This swan sang her song. / I must fly from this battle. / Darn it all! Writer's block.”
—Mitama's retreat quote (Casual)
“So tired...”
—Mitama's death quote (Classic).
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