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“Prepare to face the might of Brodia!”

Morion is a character from Fire Emblem Engage. He is the proud and ambitious king of Brodia.


Morion is the King of Brodia and the father of crown prince Diamant and his younger brother Alcryst. Due to the open hostilities between Brodia and the neighboring country of Elusia, Morion has invaded Elusia on multiple occasions, though very little progress had been made.

King Morion recieves word from the neighboring kingdom of Firene that the Divine Dragon Alear would be arriving in Brodia to reclaim the Ring of the Young Lion as part of their quest to awaken the Emblem Rings. Morion sends Alcryst to meet them at the border, but upon his return with Alear and his forces, Morion personally leaves the castle to greet the Divine Dragon himself, despite Diamant's objections. He warmly welcomes Alear and begins to plan a feast while also relishing in the thought of sparring with the Divine Dragon.

The meeting is cut short when news arrives that Elusia has begun approaching the border with a massive army of Corrupted soldiers lead by King Hyacinth himself, who demands that Morion battle him. Diamant expresses his concern at the obvious trap, but Morion, completely unfazed, declares that he would face him head on by his own power, giving the Emblem Ring to Alear.

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King Morion directly challenges King Hyacinth in combat and manages to subdue him quickly. However, Hyacinth pulls out the Ring of the Lady of the Plains, which has been corrupted by the Fell Dragon Sombron's power, and mortally wounds him. Hyacinth takes his body to Destinea Cathedral where he is offered as a sacrifice to Sombron who uses Morion's sovereign blood as a means to revive a portion of his power. After consuming his blood, King Morion's corpse is reanimated as a Corrupted and forced to fight against Alear and his forces. Diamant and Alcryst bitterly requests that their father be put down and eventually, he is subdued.
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Contrary to the stories of Morion due to the legacy of him invading Elusia, he is above all a family man. Upon hearing news of his youngest son's return with the Divine Dragon, he personally left the safety of his castle just to greet his son, much to his older son's objections. Utterly fearless, Morion bravely confronts all who threatens Brodia, in spite of the inherent danger of any situation he is put into, even a blatant trap. He is a man of fairness and honor, preferring to meet the King Hyacinth directly in battle without the assistance of the recently reawakened Ring of the Young Lion, despite knowing that his foe would not likely reciprocate. Indeed, this sense of honor proved to be his downfall.

Aside from his high confidence, Morion has high faith in his two sons that they will succeed him well after his time is over. Despite Diamant's worries, Morion never wavers in his convictions and even looks forward to sparring with the likes of Alear despite their status as the Divine Dragon. His wisdom ultimately became part of his lasting legacy especially in his two sons who continued to pledge their support to Alear's cause in order to honor their father.


King Morion, sacrificed to resurrect the Fell Dragon. Turned into one of the Corrupted after death.


While Morion is not encountered encountered in the main campaign maps as an NPC, he has a mostly-complete set of battle dialogue that goes unused.

Finishes off enemy[]
  • "Now!"
Enemy Misses[]
  • "No chance!"
  • "Saw it coming."
  • "Won't work."
  • "Laughable."
Critical Attack[]
  • "You're hopeless!"
  • "Don't even try."
  • "It's over!"
  • "No mercy."
Defeated Enemy[]
  • "My pride was on the line."
  • "Victorious."
  • "For the people of Brodia."
  • "I, will remain standing."
  • "Who's next?"
Defeated by enemy[]
  • "You're... Strong..."

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Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Alear

  • Corrupted Morion: RAAARGH!
  • Alear: King Morion. You said you wanted to duel when we made it back to the castle... Remember? I wish we could have crossed swords as friends. But now... we must face each other as enemies.

Vs. Diamant

  • Diamant: This is our last sparring match, isn't it, Father? When I was a boy, you taught me the meaning of strength. You'd make light of it, but you were preparing me for when I'd have to fight my own battles. That day has come. And you prepared me well. Your life was devoted to protecting Brodia's honor... Now I take on that mantle.
  • Corrupted Morion: Uraaargh!
  • Diamant: Was I a good son? I should have asked you that sooner. You instilled in me pride and strength. But most importantly... you gave me your love. I should have told you what that meant.

Vs. Alcryst

  • Alcryst: Father... If you have to die, let it be by my hand. This would be an unbearable burden for Diamant. So I... I must...
  • Corrupted Morion: Raaargh!
  • Alcryst: I must do this, Father! If some part of you is still in there... Just... Thank you for everything. I love you. I always will.

Death Quote[]

“Raa...argh... Strong of body... Strong of heart...”
—Corrupted Morion's death quote
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Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

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Morion's name derives from the variety of smokey quartz. The name is also an alternate spelling a character from Arthurian legends, King Morien.

Morion is also a type of open-faced combat helmet originally from the Kingdom of Castile.


  • Morion shares his English voice actor, Josh Petersdorf, with Duma and Dozla as they appear in Heroes.