“Send the new "recruits" along, then get to rounding up another half dozen or so. ”

Morristan (モリスティア Morisutia, Moristia in the Japanese version) is an enemy boss character from Fire Emblem Awakening. He shares his voice actor with Victor and Vincent.

He shares his portrait with Algol.


Morristan make his first and only appearance In Paralogue 11 Twin Wyverns we first see him telling his man to send the new recruits to rounding up half dozen Wyverns an Elder trys to stop Morristan telling him that Wyverns are the sacred protectors of this land not glorified horses to be muzzled unfortunately Morristan just kill him then he tell his soldiers to kill all of the villagers unfortunately for him Chrom and the shepherds arrive just the right time and with the help of Cherche son Gerome they Would able to save the village And kill Morristan


Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE13 Generic Enemy Berserker Map SpriteBerserker
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Gamble (FE13)GambleAxeIconFE13Axe - BTomahawk FE13Tomahawk
Bullion (M) FE13Bullion (M)


“Wyvern or man, everyone's all snarl and fire until they learn the feel of the lash!”
—Morristan's pre-battle quote.
“I'm... This can'”
—Morristan's death quote.

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