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“In the year 547, Sage Morse came to the island and claimed the tower as his own. None of the Reevan soldiers dared touch him, and eventually he and his clerics interfered so much with regular operations that the military ended up abandoning the place. Ever since then, it was Morse's own temple.”
—Law talking about Morse

Morse (モース Mōsu) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the legendary White Sage who instructed the current Four Sages in magic. He was also one of Miradona's four companions who came with her to Lieberia many centuries ago.


Morse is a member of an ancient race of humans called the Ar-Cana (アル・カナ Aru Kana in Japanese), who gained immortality from contact with emiyu from the earliest stages of their civilization. After the effective extinction of the emiyu race, Morse and three others followed Miradona to the continent of Lieberia and assisted in sending her into a deep sleep. He and the other Ar-Cana spread false rumors of the dark god Gerxel among the nearby Zoan people to dissuade them from disturbing her. Sometime after that, they later hid themselves in the Arcana Desert in southern Reeve.

Many years later, Morse was distressed by the plight of the oppressed Zoan people, choosing to aid the prisoners who were being kept by Reeve at the prison tower on Yr, which later became known as the Tower of Morse. He claimed the tower for himself, and eventually Reeve abandoned it to avoid having to deal with him. At some point in more recent history, Morse also instructed the Four Sages (Mios, Octavas, Ezenbah, and Gwenchaos) in magic. When Gwenchaos fell into despair and broke the seal on the forbidden magic Zahhak, Morse expelled him from his discipleship.

During the game's events, he has stationed his disciple Meeme and many guardians at the Tower of Morse to protect the altar there (as it enables the use of the Dakruon). Meeme claims that Morse is traveling through other dimensions, though whether this is true is not made clear. Morse is seen in the form of Father Law, who helps Holmes on his journey by informing him of the true history of Lieberia, including the identities of the deities Miradona, Utna, and Gerxel.