“After reuniting with the Fiana Freeblades, Leif made his way west, led by the knight Carrion. He soon found himself at the foot of Mount Violdrake, the headquarters of Dagdar's brigands...”
—Opening Narration

Mount Violdrake (Purple Dragon Mountain in the Japanese version) is Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


  • Knight's Crest - Upper left house
  • Knight's Crest - Boss has one, you should get it off him after he is captured
  • Luck Ring - Lower right house)


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Filled with Brigands, this is a relatively easy chapter to deploy sword-wielders, including the new Carrion, who joins you from the start. It is wise to bring whatever antidotes you already have as there are several poison weapons on the map. Most of your units are likely fatigued from the last several chapters, but the chapter is easy enough even with only Orsin, Halvan, Carrion, and Leif. It helps to give an extra sword to one of your units in the preparations screen and have them and it to Carrion in the first turn if you intend to use him.

If Dagdar and Tanya survived Chapter 3, and the boss is captured (but not released), you'll proceed to Chapter 8x. Have either Halvan or Orsin talk to Marty then fight the boss Rumei but to get chapter 8x can be hard as Rumei has to be captured before turn 16. This can easily done by having Lifis steal his weapon allowing a heavier unit to capture him without a fight. If Lifis is still fatigued or has not yet increased his build, Leif's Light Sword and Finn's Brave Lance can be used to capture him as well. More enemies will also come down the mountain near Rumei so have anyone fight them for experience points.

The gaiden chapter will have fog of war, so be sure to buy a few torches from the shop before ending the chapter. It also may benefit you to stock up for future chapters as there are not many other shops that sell torches.