Gandolph is one of the three sons of the king of Verdane, and the master of Marpha. Manipulated by Sandima and seemingly devoid of morals too, he attacks Castle Jungby of Grandbell and captures Lady Adean. His younger brother, Jamka, frees her, however; and Siglud's army arrives to defeat him shortly thereafter.


While Gandolph appears as a boss in the Prologue chapter, the player does not fight him until Chapter 1, as he leaves the battlefield on the first turn.

Base Stats

Starting Class Level HP Str/Mag Con Skill Spd Lck Def Res Move Weapon
Warrior 20 60 17/0 N/A 11 (+5) 18 0 16 5 6 Axe, Bow

  • Items: Hand axe, Skill Ring
  • Skills: None
  • Leadership: **
  • Army: Evans (Prologue); Marpha (Chapter 1)
  • Gold: 3000
  • Weapon mastery: Axes (A), Bows (B)

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