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The Munster District (マンスター地方, Mansutā Chihō) was founded around the same time the Kingdom of Grannvale around the time of the Gran Calendar Year 649, and since its creation, it has repelled many attempts by the Kingdom of Thracia to be conquered, thanks to the Lance Ritter knight brigade of Leonster, known as the "Wall of Leonster", although all of the castles of the Munster District have their own separate military force.

The Four Kingdoms of the Munster District


During the Gran Calendar Year 761, the Aed Massacre occurs, which results in the death of Leonster's Prince Quan, his wife Ethlyn, and half of Leonster's lance knight brigade at the hands of Travant. After this, Thracia is able to successfully invade and subdue the Munster District completely under the reign of King Travant during the Gran Calendar Year 762.

The Kingdom of Grannvale decides to invade the Thracian Peninsula, and Grannvale, after defeating Thracia, forces them into a peace treaty in which the former Munster District is annexed by Grannvale. During the time of the Second Generation, King Bloom is the king of the Munster District appointed by the Grannvale Empire, and decides to place the capital at Ulster Castle, and the Munster District is renamed the Northern Kingdom of Thracia.

The Munster District is liberated in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War during Chapter 7 and Chapter 8. At the end of Chapter 8, Thracia decides to seize the opportunity to invade the Munster District again, but is stopped by Seliph's army during Chapter 9. After Seliph's army finally defeats the Grannvale Empire, Leif, with the assistance of Altena, successfully combines the Munster District and Thracia into the New Kingdom of Thracia, and becomes its new king.

Geographical Location

The Munster District is located on the Thracian Peninsula, east of Grannvale and north of Thracia.

The castle of Melgen is located in the western Munster District, the castle of Ulster is located in the southern-central Manster District, the castle of Leonster is located in the northern Munster District, the castle of Conote is located in the northeastern Munster District, and the castle of Munster is located in the eastern-central Munster District.

Notable citizens of the Munster District

See also characters from Leonster, Ulster, Conote and Munster

Playable characters

  • Leif - The prince of Leonster, who was hiding in Fiana but rose up after an attack by imperial forces. Becomes the king of the unified Thracia after the end of the holy war.
  • Quan - The crown prince of Leonster, father of Leif and Altena, and inheritor of the lance Gáe Bolg.
  • Altena - Daughter of Quan and Ethlyn, Long lost sister of Leif, princess of Leonster and Thracia.
  • Miranda - The princess of Ulster who is strong-willed but not without a gentle side.
  • Fergus - A wandering mercenary, rumoured to be son on Beowolf and a princess. Thrown into Munster prison following a brawl
  • Karin - A pegasus rider from Silesse, she is trying to find Prince Ced, ends up in Munster prison
  • Daisy - An orphan thief from Conote
  • Asaello - Older brother of Daisy, known as the 'hitman of Conote'
  • Finn - Knight of Leonster, servant of Quan and later caretaker Leif.
  • Brighton - Originally a knight of Munster, now a member of the Magi Squad
  • Dalsin - Knight of Munster unhappy with the actions of Raydrik and the Empire
  • Hicks - Knight of Munster, he joins the liberation army after Leif rescues the hostaged children
  • Carrion - Knight of Leonster, his father died in battle, Hannibal rescued him and his mother.
  • Selfina - Knight of Leonster, daughter of Dryas, married to Glade.
  • Cain - Knight of Leonster, his parents both died in battle serving Leonster. Alva's best friend.
  • Alva - Knight of Leonster, Cain's best friend.
  • Robert - Knight of Leonster, an orphan who admires Selfina.
  • Glade - Knight of Leonster, Selphina's husband, Finn's best friend.
  • Xavier - Former general of Leonster, allied with Freege in order to protect the people.
  • Jeanne - Adoptive daughter of Finn, younger sister of Tristan.

Other major characters


The four kingdoms of the Munster District are named after the four provinces of the island of Ireland:

Ulster → Ulster, Leinster → Leonster, Munster → Munster, and Connacht → Conote.