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“We're under attack! Rouse yourselves! General Valter's adjutant, Lord Tirado, has charged us with defending the castle! Show them the might of Murray's Brigade! Don't let anyone near the castle!”

Murray is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is a cavalier in Grado's Army, and the boss of Chapter 7. He is Tirado's lieutenant who was stationed to defend the gate of Renvall. Interestingly, this would make him an underling of an underling of Valter, who is himself an underling of Vigarde.

He is a loyal soldier who naïvely trusts the commands of the devious Tirado. During the battle, his commander deliberately withholds reinforcements from him, willingly sacrificing his subordinate in an attempt to lure Eirika into the castle.



*Dropped when defeated


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Murray's stats are well rounded, as befitting his class. The Gate on which he stands provides him with a solid rate of evasion. Lute and Artur will almost always be able to survive a single round of ranged combat with Murray, and could theoretically be used to gradually chip his HP into oblivion, provided they are given proper healing support. Eirika's Rapier is particularly effective against Murray: if she comes into the battle with enough speed to double him, she will almost always fell him in a single round. Be prepared to use Franz to rescue whoever is attacking Murray, just in case things go awry. Finally, Neimi can put the nearby ballistas to use against him.

If you defeated Murray with Eirika and plan on going through Ephraim's route, be sure to put the Knight Crest onto another unit, or onto the convoy, as Eirika's inventory will become temporarily inaccessible following the subsequent chapter.


“Our Ballistae have failed? How could this be? Grr... I guess it's up to me!”
—Murray's battle quote
“Lord Tirado...”
—Murray's death quote