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“Lord Lonato is a minor lord of the Kingdom. He has been showing hostility toward the church for some time now. Lord Lonato's army is nothing compared to the knights. It's quite possible the rebellion has already been suppressed.”
“Even so, I would like for your class to travel with the knights' rear guard to deal with the aftermath.”
Seteth and Lady Rhea


Rhea and Seteth give Byleth and their students a new quest to travel with the Knights of Seiros, lead by Catherine, to deal with the aftermath of a rebellion against the church raised by Lord Lonato. After the month's classes, Byleth and their students accompany Catherine on the mission. Upon reaching the site a church soldier reports that the numbers of the rebellion are greater than predicted. Byleth and their students prepare for battle.


If the player has purchased the DLC content, they can recruit Anna from this point onwards. Unlike most recruitable characters, you do not need to meet any requirements to recruit her.


Enemy Reinforcement Placements

When the lone Dark Mage in the center of the map has been defeated, the Fog of War will disappear and reinforcements will appear in the top-left corner.

Monastery Quests

Required Quests

Optional Quests



Item Cost Stock
Iron Sword 520
Steel Sword 910 3
Training Sword 260
Iron Lance 560
Steel Lance 910 3
Training Lance 280
Javelin 700 3
Iron Axe 600
Steel Axe 980 3
Training Axe 300
Hand Axe 750 3
Mace 720
Iron Bow 560
Steel Bow 910 3
Training Bow 350
Mini Bow 680
Iron Gauntlets 480
Steel Gauntlets 640 3
Training Gauntlets 240

Item Shop

Item Cost Stock
Leather Shield 500
Iron Shield 1000 3
Vulnerary 300
Beginner Seal 500
Intermediate Seal 1000 3
Torch 600
Pure Water 600 5
Door Key 300
Chest Key 300

Battalion Guild

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1000
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1200
Seiros Magic Corps Group Flames D 1200
Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D 1200
Knights of Seiros Blaze C 1500
Empire Infantry Lure E 1000
Empire Warriors Random Shot E 1200
Empire Brawlers Disturbance E 1200
Empire Magic Corps. Group Flames D 1200
Empire Archers Fusilade D 1200
Empire Knights Blaze C 1500
Kingdom Infantry Lure E 1000
Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E 1200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1200
Kingdom Magic Corps Group Ice D 1200
Kingdom Knights Assault Troop C 1500
Alliance Infantry Lure E 1000
Alliance Duelists Mad Melee E 1200
Alliance Brawlers Disturbance E 1200
Alliance Magic Corps Group Lighting D 1200
Alliance Knights Blaze C 1500

Items gained

No enemies drop items in this chapter. However, if all allied units (Catherine and her two Mercenary allies) survive the battle, you will gain a Secret Book and Goddess Icon as rewards.


This map is a Fog of War map, obscuring most of the battlefield from view. It is recommended to bring at least one Torch in this map. The victory condition is only to defeat Lonato, even if other enemies still remain. Catherine and her two Mercenaries will advance towards the fog, but as allied units none of them will gain EXP upon defeating an enemy.

Advance into the fog and use a Torch to increase vision. It is recommended to use a unit with good Defense, so it can withstand the Archer's attacks. You will soon encounter a Dark Mage unit alone in a forest. Defeating them results in the fog being lifted and the Torch no longer being necessary, but additional enemies will appear, including Lonato. Your first priority is the Armored Knight who is between you and the boss. If your units are all physical attackers with weak stats, you can let Catherine deal with the Knight, though the enemy Knight might target the allied mercenaries and jeopardize the optional reward. However, with high enough Strength, it is easily possible to defeat it on your own.

Lonato is a Paladin, the first enemy you face with an Advanced Class. As he is a cavalry class, units with the Combat Art Knightkneeler and wielding a lance can significantly damage him. He starts with an Iron Lance and will switch to his Javelin if his desired target is 2 spaces away. Bows are efficient to damage him, but if he wields the Javelin, you may wish to use Curved Shot to avoid counterattacks.