General QuotesEdit

Level Up QuotesEdit

  • "And here I thought I couldn't get any stronger." (2+ stats up, HP, Attack or Defense focused)
  • "Age comes with its own insights, it would seem." (2+ stats up, Skill or Speed focused)
  • "It seems providence is my ally this day." (2+ stats up, Luck or Resistance focused)
  • "Hrm?" (1 stat up)
  • "I already possess all the strength I need." (Max stats)

Class ChangeEdit

Summary ScreenEdit

  • "Marvelously fought." (Easy victory)
  • "These old bones..." (Fatigued)
  • "Neither age nor experience dulls the pain of loss." (An ally dies)
  • "Celica...your life had only just begun." (Celica dies, unused as Celica dying results in a game over screen)

Final Map QuoteEdit

“This is a battle I cannot lose. For my own sake or yours, Rudolf!”
—Mycen's final map quote in Shadows of Valentia

Battle QuotesEdit

When SelectedEdit

  • "Allow me." (High health)
  • "You need me?" (Medium health)
  • "I endeavour to do my best." (Low health)

Upon Being HealedEdit

Used Healing ItemEdit

  • "A meal unfit for man or beast." (Disliked)
  • "It's better than not eating." (Neutral)
  • "Mmm...not bad at all." (Liked)
  • "I'm rather fond of this!" (Loved)

Enemy DodgesEdit

  • "What?!"

Enemy Deals 1 or No DamageEdit

  • "I will not be stopped!"
  • "You're no match for me!"


  • "Your time is up!"
  • "No mercy!"
  • "Age before beauty!"
  • "Too careless!"

Finishing BlowEdit

  • "Enough!"
  • "Hyah!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "You lack experience."
  • "Be at peace."
  • "I haven't lost my touch."
  • "I will see this through."
  • "You must do better!"
  • sighs

Nearby Ally Defeated EnemyEdit

(For Alm) (For others)

Nearby Ally Below Half HealthEdit

Death/Retreat QuotesEdit

“Alm... Celica... Do what this old man could not... Valentia is in yours hands...”
—Mycen's death quote in Classic Mode
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