With Alm Edit

C Support

  • Alm: Grandpa...
  • Mycen: We are finally fighting together. I knew this day would come so I was prepared but...
  • Alm: I'm sorry grandpa. I don't really know what to say to you now...Could you give me some time?
  • Mycen: Yes I don't mind. It's only natural after all.

B Support

  • Alm: Grandpa.
  • Mycen: Ah, Alm. Are you going to talk to me?
  • Alm: Yeah...Honestly, I thought I was deceived about my father and my birth so I was frustrated. But that's not all. I...was sad about not being your real grandchild. I just wanted you to know this.
  • Mycen: Alm, I've always thought of you and Celica as my real grandchildren. I am grateful to both of you for teaching the happiness of having a family. 
  • Alm: Yeah. You know, you'll always be my grandpa. That's fine with you isn't it?
  • Mycen: But of course.

A Support

  • Mycen: Alm. Your so much different than it used to be back in the village. As I thought, that wouldn't make you excel in a real battle.
  • Alm: That's not true. I entered the liberation army because I wanted to prove how strong you are. It was thanks to you that I kept fighting and made it here.
  • Mycen: The liberation army huh...When that young man, Lukas visited me I realized that the time had finally come. You yourself had chosen the path you had to walk on. I feel blessed knowing I was of help to you.
  • Alm: Grandpa...
  • Mycen: I shall see that you fulfil your destiny to the end. That is the mission Rudolf entrusted me with. Come now, the end is in sight. Don't let your guard down. Let's go.
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