A Myrmidon is a sword using class, separate from mercenary or hero classes. Myrmidon use special katana-esque swords, and are often unable to use the more common conventional swords other classes can use. Compared to other sword users, the Myrmidon has a considerably lesser amount of defense, but are able to deal stronger attacks of higher accuracy. Myrmidons are also known for their higher percentage of dealing critical attacks.


The Myrmidons superior speed and strength over other similar classes make them very formidable foot solders, but the decreased health and defense make them difficult to protect against quick and accuracy opponents. When using a Myrmidon, it is important to check your surrounds. While they can easily deal with magic users and thieves with one attack, the reverse is the same as well. Against heavier enemies, the speed makes them strong evaders and strength makes them powerful attackers. Should a Myrmidon be attacked by a slower unit, they are often able to kill or heavily damage their enemy in a counter attack. The constant critical attacks make for a very useful ability, though it's dangerous to rely on luck, especially when it comes to classes lacking in defense.


The Myrmidon eventually promotes to the Swordmaster class. While their stats raise in a balanced way, making the class almost entirely the same (minus the added strength), the chance of critical attacks rise even higher.

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