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Map of the Narube River in Chapter 17

Narube River is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is situated in the territory of the Kingdom of Jehanna and serves as the setting of Chapter 17.

After completing the chapter, the location is accessible on the map for skirmishes and shops. Monster bosses available for skirmishes include Deathgoyle, Arch Mogall and Elder Bael, and Fog of War may occur.



Items Price
Slim Sword 480
Steel Sword 600
Killing Edge 1300
Slim Lance 450
Steel Lance 480
Javelin 400
Killer Lance 1200
Steel Axe 360
Hand Axe 300
Killer Axe 1000
Steel Bow 720
Longbow 2000
Killer Bow 1400


Items Price
Thunder 700
Elfire 1200
Shine 900
Divine 2500
Flux 900
Luna 4200
Mend 1000
Recover 2250
Elixir 3000
Pure Water 900
Antitoxin 450