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“You fail to see the greater picture. There will be no place for these men in the new world Gerxel will build for us. Their place is to die here and buy His Excellency time, and that's it. Bah, this arguing is pointless... Babble on your own time, after you've annihilated these heathens.”
—Nefka, in a conversation with Zeek

Nefka (ネブカ Nebuka, fan translated as Nevkha) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is a priest of the Gerxel Church and the boss of Map 37. He believes that the dark knights of the Zoa Empire are equal to slaves because they could not become priests.


Nefka is introduced when he has an argument with Zeek, whom he sees as inexperienced due to his short time in the Gerxel Church. Afterwards, he observes the battle between Zeek and Holmes's army from afar, since he agrees not to interfere. When Zeek is captured by Holmes's army, Nefka aids him in his escape. Before Zeek can admit the truth about himself to Kate during their reunion, Nefka reveals it and tells her that she has been tricked. He also kidnaps Kate and tells Zeek that he should not object because doing so would be a traitorous act.

Later in the game, Nefka encounters Enteh when she arrives at the Temple of Water during her solo mission to rescue Neyfa. After Enteh declares that she would exchange herself for Neyfa's release, Nefka captures her without agreeing to her demands and hands her over to Gwenchaos. When Runan's army arrives at the temple, Nefka sends an army of Zombie Dragons to fight it in an attempt to protect the ☆Seiken Reeve. He is slain in the resulting battle.



Starting ClassGroup
Sorcerer map.PNGArcanistTS group mage.png Magic
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-TS Dark Magic.pngDarkTomaharn.gifTomaharn
Bau Crash.gifBau Crash


Battle Quotes

“Pagans and heretics who defy Gerxel's law will be consumed in hellfire!”
—Nefka's battle quote in Map 31
“Pathetic insects... I will teach you to fear the darkness.”
—Nefka's battle quote in Map 37

Death Quote

“Ugghhh... You cursed heathens...”
—Nefka's death quote